Journal Page 4

For those of you still reading my blog, Thank you. I know it must be tedious to see  someone else’s art work day after day, however, I promise I am only going to post a couple more. I said I wanted to try art journaling so I have to give it a fair shake. I will make this short and sweet. Today’s prompts that I am using from Daisy Yellow are:


tree or petals


rubber stamp

painted polka dots


This is my third journal page using prompts (I didn’t use them on the first page) and I am finding that I can combine certain prompts like magenta and painted polka dots which I did on this page. The more I look at this page, the more I like it. It started out as a piece of an old paper binder page.



Since diagram was one of the prompts I figured I could let these lines show through a  little bit. The paper was covered with gesso and stamped with a tree-like vine. Then the whole thing was covered in orange which is a color I never use. But the point of this, for me, is to stretch myself and get out of the box!!! I rubbed a little red paint into the gesso print to add a little ombre effect. Next the graphics were glued on and the diagrams doodled on. Yes, I doodled! I didn’t like it at first, but when I went back to distress the whole thing with ink, the doodle lines smeared a little bit, creating a great effect. Finally the little boy got his magenta polka dots painted on. So here is the result:



I think it turned out well. This picture is not so great and the page looks better in real life. If you haven’t started your art journal yet, what are you waiting for? 





One comment

  1. Christina

    I love the juxtaposition between the child in polka dots and this beautiful chair, not to mention the happy orange!! Beautiful! This background almost looks like Italian plaster!! Great job!!!

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