Journal Page 3

Each of these art journal pages has taught me so much. Today’s page I like better than yesterdays because I feel it represents me and my process more closely. I won’t blather on about that though. The 6 prompt words from Daisy Yellow were:

lime green


ogee pattern

treasure hunt

acrylic paint


Wow! What a diverse collection of words. Well I decided to play with my new friend gesso a little more. This time I layed it on quite thick so I could make patterns in it. I deliberately did this in the early morning so it would have plenty of time to dry before the paints and “whatever else” went on the page. I must confess I had to look up what an ogee pattern was, and as far as I can surmise, it is an “onion shaped motif”.  I must say I’ve never considered myself a great onion artist, so I used an acrylic stamp that is kind of onion shaped instead. I stamped it into the wet gesso. When it was dry I painted the whole background with lime green acrylic paint. So that’s three prompts down and this is what it looked like.



I love the way this looks. It is very textured and you can feel the ogees and waves. If you open the picture in another tab you can get a better look at it. (Go ahead, you know you want to, right?)

Next I attacked the treasure hunt theme. Instead of doodling it, like many art journalists do, I wanted to use my favorite method which is collage. I love tearing paper, arranging, re-arranging, gluing, re-arranging, and gluing some more. It’s just what I do. Once I liked the layout I added some map paper raindrops because, why not? Then I inked the edges with distress ink and then went over the whole thing with diluted distress ink to “grunge” it up. Some stamped words and rub-ons were added. The funny thing is, I was brushing my teeth before going to bed and it hit me that I actually have won something. It really was Corning ware! Because it made me laugh, I wrote the last line on my way up to bed. So here is the final result of Journal page 3

page3-1I like this piece because it has the vintage graphics I love so much, but with a cool background color I would never have chosen by myself. I also love the gesso texturing. As long as I can collage instead of doodle (for crying out loud who’s afraid of doodling?), I will continue art journaling because it really is teaching me fun things!

I hope you have at least put a pencil or pen to paper in your own journal!!!





  1. Camilla Prewitt

    Love this page too! I hope to see you Sat. Working on plans with girlfriends. I ‘ll let you know what time we will be in BG when plans are finalizes.

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