Moss Cottage Vintage opened in Fredericksburg in 1998 at the Fredericksburg Antique Mall. It was started as a way for me to be a self-employed mom with a flexible schedule so I could be there to raise my son Adam. Over the years I learned I am most successful when I sell items I really love instead of just following the latest trends. I carry fun retro decor and kitchen items, industrial and office supplies and vintage costume jewelry. In 2010 I became interested in making mixed-media art and crafts and have added them for sale as well, although mostly at shows.


  1. Linda Hebbs

    Just read your post “I’m Not Buying It ! “, I felt like I was looking at pictures of my craft room ! I so thought I was the only hoarder of things like this. But I find myself spending so much time trying to organize it all ,that I’m left with no time or energy to actually MAKE anything. Any suggestions ? I love all your ideas! Linda

    • glitteronmyface

      Linda, I am going through all my old books that I am keeping just for their graphics and cutting out the pictures I want. I am sorting them by category and putting them in accordion folders.The covers, if they are the right size, will be cut off and stored separately. The other covers and pages I don’t want are getting put in the recycling bin. I have not been watching any craft “haul” videos and I am staying away from Tuesday Morning which is where I get most of my craft supplies. I’m also not allowing myself any additional books into my studio. I hope that helps a little. It does feel good to use the supplies that I already have on hand and I have been inspired to create again. It will take me a long time to even make a dent in what I have, but my wallet is happier!

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