Sneak Peek….

      I just noticed the other day that yellowish leaves were falling from the black walnut tree by our driveway. They were drifting down in that very lovely spirally way leaves do. My thoughts instantly went to the coming fall. I commented to Martin about the leaves already falling but he thinks it just has to do with the drought we’ve been having. Party Pooper! Fall is coming very soon. I can feel it in the cooler mornings. I can see it in all the very fine spider webs that are EVERYWHERE!

Mums and apples are starting to appear in the shops. Fall has to come soon. I’m sick of this extremely hot weather, but even more, I’m sick of my summer clothes! Do you ever get like that? I love my clothes at the beginning of a season and by the time the season is over I want to burn them all. I don’t do that though because the next time that season comes I’m all excited about my “new” wardrobe again. I digress. This fall is bringing some changes for me. A newly renovated house and a new home for Mossy Cottage Arts and Antiques in Bowling Green. I am moving to Classic Cottage on September 1rst. I’ll blog separately on that later. Anyway, these little pictures are a taste of what is coming to Mossy Cottage this fall. I don’t get all into the Halloween stuff, but I do like my little pumpkins, owls and ravens! So even as I sit here eyeball deep in dust, boxes, dropcloths, etc…I do have fall to look forward to. And you, my dear readers, have something to look forward to also as my 10th blog post will be a give away featuring a Fall item from Mossy Cottage!!! Please keep reading this blog and watch out for the give away. Have a blessed day!!!!


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