I’m In My Happy Place


The picture above makes me very happy. It has pink and roses and is pretty. When things go wrong in our lives and they become stressful, we need to think of our “happy place”. Maybe you drift off to a scene of the beach, or being in the mountains, or eating chocolate. Or if you are like me, maybe it’s eating chocolate in the mountains!!! The picture above is actually from my shop, Mossy Cottage Arts and Antiques in Fredericksburg. When I get to putter in my shop it is my “happy place”. 

Now, why this post about having a “happy place”? Because lately I have NOT been in my “happy place”, I’ve been in home construction and renovation hell. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful  to God that He has provided people to do the work that needs to be done and financing for us to get it done. It’s just that I spend my days in noise, dust, furniture in every available space, boxes and men constantly going up and down the stairs and in and out the front door. Not to mention I get cooped up in the parlor with Holly the hairy princess who is not happy unless she is getting her hair in my mouth, up my nose or is stepping on my keyboard!!! There, venting is done. I’m going back to my “happy place”. And if you don’t have a special place to think about, the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory is a good place to start!!!



One comment

  1. Peggy

    Soon the house remodel will be done, and it will only be a blur compared to your pretty pink flowers and furry bestest friend. Oh I forgot to mention chocolate, I can’t eat a bite of it without thinking of Hershey World and best road trip ever. Miss Ya

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