The New Nest

Well, yesterday was certainly a busy day for me. Besides  drinking 5 cups of coffee moving everything back into our guest room after the renovation, I had to start moving everything out of my studio/parlor for the next phase of construction. Oh, and I moved Mossy Cottage  into its new nest at Classic Cottage Art and Antiques! I have a little space there compared with my antique shop in Fredericksburg, but I managed to fill it up with lots of cute things. Of course as it is the beginning of September I am focusing on fall goodies. I brought out ravens,  pumpkin head children and owls galore. I would love to tell you that it was a beautiful 55 degree fall day for the move, but the truth of the matter is it was stinking hot and muggy. I was not adorned in a new pair of boots and a great hand knitted sweater, rather a “soccer mom” teeshirt and capri pants . I was not sipping on warmed cider and eating freshly made donuts. I was gulping copious amounts of water from my adult sippy cup!!! Do not despair fellow fall lovers for though we are not experiencing the actual season YET, you can come see all the goodness of fall at Classic Cottage Art and Antiques. I know this is a shameless commercial post, however, if I don’t sell my fall items there will be no room for the Christmas ones!!!!! My new address is: Classic Cottage Art and Antiques, 104 Milford Street, Bowling Green VA 22427. Phone: 804-633-0032. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM. And for all my friends outside the area, I am happy to mail items to you. 


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