Creativity Update

Okay, so I decided after my last post to try to add a little more creativity to my life. The picture above is an artichoke and cheese quiche. I had this wonderful artichoke appetizer at a party and was going to make it for dinner when I realized it was way to rich and calorie ladened for an entree. So I made up a quiche using artichokes and cheese instead.  And I used sliced potatoes as a crust instead of the usual pastry crust because I LOVE potatoes and don’t love pastry. It would be okay with me if pie did not have crust…oh yeah, then it would just be filling and not pie, right? I digress. This quiche was really good and the boyz loved it too. I will definately create this again.

I also finished whipping up 24 vintage looking felt mitten and stocking ornaments to sell at Christmas. They are embellished with lace, buttons, beads and rick rack. If you look to the right of the picture, you will see why I almost named my blog “Crafting with Cat Hair” instead of Glitter On My Face!!!! That amazing tail belongs to none other than Miss Holly Golightly.

I am still working on adding creativity to my wardrobe, but I seem to be in a rut. I bought an “In Style” magazine to help get me motivated. So far it has only caused me to wish I was thinner, richer and had straight hair!!! Not the result I was looking for. Alas, I will keep trying to add some creativity to my style.

Have a blessed and CREATIVE day!!!



  1. Susan Sili

    Love this blog Helen, reading when I get a few quiet moments. Especailly love the mittens, wouldn’t they look great on my Turn of the Century tree? I set up Caroline Home and Garden for my blog last year, just have not had time to work on it but you’ve inspired me. Soon…………………….

    Susan Sili

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