What Would You Do?

As some of you may know, we have been having work done on various parts of our house.The poor lady is almost 180 years old after all. Earlier this fall, the work was all inside. Then there was a slight stoppage of action because the contractor, engineer and various other parties had to decide what to do with the underneath of the house. Kind of like a foundation problem, but not really. Anyway, it is a really big project and is costing us a lot of $$$$. So naturally my stress level is through the roof. I HATE having loans. (As the Bible says, ” The borrower is a slave to the lender.”) This is what the project looks like from the outside.


It doesn’t look that bad, however, they have been using a jack hammer under the house which is so incredibly noisy and today one of those big cement mixer trucks was in the grass pumping cement down into the crawl space. Yikes! Oh but wait, that’s not even the best part. This is…..


You can’t imagine my sheer horror when this showed up. At least now they have moved it to the back yard. Originally it was in the front yard. I was thinking I’d just put an old couch and broken washing machine on the front porch and I’d be all set!!! Oh yeah, and they had to take the heat pump out of the crawl space so we have no heat downstairs. Oh and we haven’t had hot water for the last 24 hours either. Nice, huh? So what does any self-respecting woman do in a situation like this? Craft of course!

This is a black 8 track cassette case from the ’70’s. I got it from the Salvation Army thrift shop for $1.00. I liked the outside, but the inside had some work to be done.


I had to pry out the plastic cassette racks with a screwdriver, but they were in so tight some of the inner cardboard got ripped in the process. So I decided to line the inside with vintage wallpaper. Side note: When I was growing up in Endicott, New York, my best friend and next door neighbor was Lisa Pasquale. Well two summers ago I went to Endicott to visit her parents. (Lisa now lives in Minneapolis) I commented on the wonderful vintage wallpaper they had in their upstairs hallway, and “Aunty Jenny” gave me a whole roll! How awesome is that? Do you recognize this Lisa????
8track3So now my little case has a pretty inside. But as you can guess, I couldn’t just leave the outside untouched. So I added these lovely ladies.

8track2Now I have a lovely little case for storing treasures in and I reduced some of my stress. Well I “Gotta Go” now! (See what I did there?)



  1. Peggy

    Love the case u r so inventive. Hate the porta john! lol but just think when u get done how great the house will be. Got a new ite 4 u 2 check out will send details by private msg.

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