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December Daily 2017

I just finished setting up the basic structure of my December Daily junk journal for this year and I thought I would share it with you. Please ignore the fact that one of my “O” rings is missing, I need to order more of that size. 

So here are just some basic things I have done so far.

I used covers from a hard back book and glued a piece from a vintage ornament box to the front.

I used a variety of papers for the pages. I always like to do my December Daily journals for the entire month and usually put in about 40 sheets of papers in varying sizes. 

A calendar for the month was added right inside the front cover.

I also added a December Daily prompt list I got off Pinterest in case I need some inspiration on those less than interesting days.

A little hand painted paper bag was glued to the inside of the back cover to put elements in that I don’t necessarily want to glue, tape or staple.

I added glitter glue to the candle flames and gold glittered letters that read, “Christmas 2017” on the front cover. I’m still debating if I will add any other graphics to the front. You can see how skinny the book is now, but I will keep you updated every once in a while during December to show you my progress.

If you are interested in purchasing a December Daily from me please leave me a message. I still have several to choose from and have time to mail them out before December 1st.


Work First, Then Play

Last year I made myself a December Daily, which is a type of decorated journal where you keep track of what you did each day in the month of December. So much happens during the holidays, and we are in such a hurry, we tend to forget all the events that happened. I kept a journal last December because I wanted to remember the month instead of letting it go by in a big blur. Here is a picture of the December Daily I made last year.

An old Christmas ornament box top layered over vintage wrapping paper.


I made it junk journal style using all kinds of papers, ephemera and embellishments. (If you would like to see more of this journal you can check out my post from  November 30, 2013.)

I had as much fun making the journal as I did filling it, so I decided to make another one for this December. So all year I have been collecting bits and bobs to put in my journal. I even purchased some cute retro styled Christmas papers. Well, a year is a long time to collect stuff and as I pulled everything out to start making my journal, I realized I had a giant paper-ephemera-embellishment-sticker-cards-ribbon-charms mess. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even know where to start. That made me unhappy because I was so excited to work on this journal.

Yesterday I finally decided to do something about it and it all started with this.

A BIG plastic tote box.

A BIG plastic tote box.

Poor Louie was so excited. He thought I got the box out for him. Sorry baby. But throwing everything in a big tote would not make it any easier for me to find what I was looking for so I got some old Tupperware food boxes and got to organizing.


Okay, this is actually a shoe box, but I needed a big container for paper and cardboard to be used as pages. I also have some envelopes in there.


This box has smaller paper pieces for tags as well as word embellishments.


These are all vintage style embellishments and cutouts.


Be still my heart. Here is a box of glittered embellishments. Notice that I took the time to bag everything so as to prevent a glitter downpour.


This is a fun box too. I have all my vintage Christmas stickers, alphabet stickers, washi tapes and just look at that cute roll of Duck Tape!


Here are some 3-D type embellishments. I think I did a blog post last year about that little button wreath. Well if I did, it wasn’t in December or I would have written it down!


How charming is this box? (Get it?)


This 6″ x 6″ paper pad and the Christmas napkins were too big for a box so they just lay on top of the tote.

Two hours later and my efforts produced this…


How fun is this box? I get so excited just looking at all that Christmas junk journal goodness!!!! And if you look really carefully on the right side toward the top, you will see this…..


It is my still naked, still plain, still waiting for the good stuff 2014 December Daily. I am very happy that all the bones of my journal are in place now and I can get out my big box of Christmas happy and just PLAY!!!

I will definitely post a blog with the finished product before December. So in the mean time, get out some cardboard, get out some paper, get out some embellishments and get started on your December Daily. You’ll really be glad you did on December 1, when you can start recording all the magic that is Christmas.

BIG 25th Blog Post Give Away!!!

As promised, dear readers, this is my 25th blog post and therefore the BIG giveaway. This is my great big thank you to all of my faithful readers and new readers alike.  The rules are simple. Just write a comment at the end of this blog where it says, “Leave a comment” and you will be entered to win. Only ONE person will win this time so ALL the goodies will be theirs! This give away is open to EVERYONE!!!! If you are afraid to enter because you are my friend, or we have a working relationship, or you are a family member this give away IS FOR YOU. SO ENTER!!! Please DO NOT just leave a “like” on my Face Book page as that will not get you entered into the drawing. All comments must be posted by 12AM Tuesday, December 18th to qualify. The winner will be picked by the official counting house of “Adam and his hat”. On with the good stuff, what you could win!!!


A Beautiful Hand Made Green Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet was made by Helga King. I purchased it from a local Christmas craft fair just for this give away.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

The story behind these wipes is from a previous post. Check it out if you haven’t read it already.


Oodles of Mixed Media and Crafting Goodies

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

I want everyone of you to give mixed media art a try. There are no rules and it is so fun. Look up examples online for inspiration. Make cards, pictures, magnets, bookmarks or whatever strikes your fancy. Some of the goodies are:

Sheets of vintage music

Sheets of handwritten vintage ledger paper

Sheets from a french reading book

A stack of small manilla envelopes

A stack of English word cards

A stack of Bible Verse Cards

Some large decoupaged (by me) tags

Crepe paper,silk  flowers, a small clothes peg, various cutouts, paper poufs (made by me), some pink vintage wired tinsel

There are also some other surprises included with this lot.

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Sorry the picture is so bad. This is a set of six cute little bird cupcake toppers that I made.

So, I hope you are happy with what I am giving away this time. Except for the wet wipes, everything in this giveaway is of the theme “Hand Made”. Thank you again for reading my blog. God bless you all and good luck!!!!