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Neat New Stuff

My brick and mortar shop, Mossy Cottage, in old town Fredericksburg carries all things girly. By that, I mean rosy, shabby, blingy, shiny and pretty vintage goods. Many of you may not know that I also rent a small space upstairs at that same location. Until recently it also was full of pretties. Well my friends, times have changed! Mossy Cottage Too, which is how I refer to the upstairs space, now if full of really neat and different vintage things. I want the upstairs to appeal to the more “artsy and boho” crowd. So here are just a couple pictures of my redone space, Mossy Cottage Too!

neat5Here is a big wooden box stuffed with handmade tags and envelopes. See the red and yellow milk carton holders next to the box. Do you remember having one of these? I couldn’t believe it when I found these. The memories just came flooding back. So fun! And the aqua ice bucket is cool enough to make me want a cocktail and I don’t even drink!


Here are two nice vintage train cases on the bottom shelf and on the floor. Above are a cool red tool carrier and a white wire drinking glass holder. You can see a part of a handmade fabric banner dangling down.

neat4Here’s another red tool carrier with some vintage office binders, ledger paper and two complete 1950’s bingo games.

neat2How about a vintage Girl Scout uniform?

neat1A little boy’s genuine Hawaiian shirt. I love the sea turtles on it!

neatThis cool rusty box has such a great patina. I just thought it needed a little something because, well, you know me. I can’t leave anything alone!

neat6And here’s just a picture of one wall at a distance. I really love Mossy Cottage Too because it let’s me sell neat vintage stuff that just doesn’t go well with my pretties downstairs. So now I am blessed to have the best of both worlds. Lucky me!!!


Paper Pouches Many Ways

Today I am going to teach you, or most likely re-teach you, how to make fun little paper pouches. Most of us made these when we were kids, we just can’t remember that far back!!! These little pouches can be filled with candy, cookies, candy, notes, candy, gift cards, candy, small toys or whatever candy else you fancy. You can make them BIG or small, that’s up to you. Use any kind of paper, kraft, wrapping, maps, music, magazine pages, old book pages, vintage wall paper, old ledger paper, newspaper and the list goes on.

So let’s get started shall we?


First, cut a piece of paper in a square. Mine range from 7″ to 9″ square.


Fold the paper in half to form a triangle.


Fold the right side up and over until it reaches the very left edge. In this picture it looks like I didn’t fold it over far enough but that’s just because it popped up while I was taking the picture. I didn’t want to hold it down because then you would see how desperately I need a manicure!


Then fold the left side up and over to meet the very right edge.  In this picture it looks like I folded it over too far and it’s hanging off the edge but that is just the camera angle. (See, I told you I needed to do my nails)!


Fold down the front point until it’s even along the top edge. Then flip it over and


fold over the other point on the back. At this point you can puff it out a bit and you’ll see how much room you’ll have to put candy stuff inside.


Here is an assortment I made using different papers, sizes and embellishments. These are a great size for putting gift cards or $$$ in!!! See the one on the bottom left that say’s “16, Happy Birthday”? I’ll give you one guess who will be getting that next month, probably with some $$$ bills rolled up and put inside.

pouch7And here’s a special one I made for —– who will probably get it on Monday filled with my homemade chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars  (I know she loves them)! Because I knew I was going to put a wire handle on this one, I put grommets in the punched holes to make them stronger so they would not tear. 

This is such a fun little project and so easy. It’s nice to have a couple on hand to fill with candy last minute gifts.  But be careful though, they are addictive to make and decorate!!!!

BIG 25th Blog Post Give Away!!!

As promised, dear readers, this is my 25th blog post and therefore the BIG giveaway. This is my great big thank you to all of my faithful readers and new readers alike.  The rules are simple. Just write a comment at the end of this blog where it says, “Leave a comment” and you will be entered to win. Only ONE person will win this time so ALL the goodies will be theirs! This give away is open to EVERYONE!!!! If you are afraid to enter because you are my friend, or we have a working relationship, or you are a family member this give away IS FOR YOU. SO ENTER!!! Please DO NOT just leave a “like” on my Face Book page as that will not get you entered into the drawing. All comments must be posted by 12AM Tuesday, December 18th to qualify. The winner will be picked by the official counting house of “Adam and his hat”. On with the good stuff, what you could win!!!


A Beautiful Hand Made Green Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet was made by Helga King. I purchased it from a local Christmas craft fair just for this give away.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

The story behind these wipes is from a previous post. Check it out if you haven’t read it already.


Oodles of Mixed Media and Crafting Goodies

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

I want everyone of you to give mixed media art a try. There are no rules and it is so fun. Look up examples online for inspiration. Make cards, pictures, magnets, bookmarks or whatever strikes your fancy. Some of the goodies are:

Sheets of vintage music

Sheets of handwritten vintage ledger paper

Sheets from a french reading book

A stack of small manilla envelopes

A stack of English word cards

A stack of Bible Verse Cards

Some large decoupaged (by me) tags

Crepe paper,silk  flowers, a small clothes peg, various cutouts, paper poufs (made by me), some pink vintage wired tinsel

There are also some other surprises included with this lot.

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Sorry the picture is so bad. This is a set of six cute little bird cupcake toppers that I made.

So, I hope you are happy with what I am giving away this time. Except for the wet wipes, everything in this giveaway is of the theme “Hand Made”. Thank you again for reading my blog. God bless you all and good luck!!!!