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Don’t Miss It!

This is just going to be another quickie post as I am in the middle of a big two-day craft show in Fredericksburg. I just wanted to point out something interesting that happens at Christmas because I don’t want you to miss it. 

Besides the black Friday madness, cyber Monday and “special” sales every day there is a phenomenon that I love. Do you know what it is? Packaging gets really cute. Even everyday items get packaged with a special Christmas flare. Here are some examples I found this past week.


These are ordinary berry flavored fruit chews but look at the Christmas box! I bought them because they are apparently endorsed not only by Rudolph, but the Bumble too!


This box front is already in my 2014 December Daily. I mean really? Sugar cookies riding in a teapot sleigh pulled by cookie reindeer. Need I say more. As you can see by the journal remark above the box, I got to tea for 99 cents because I had a coupon, but I would have bought the empty box for 99 cents because it’s so cute.

cuteness2This box is not so great but I bought it because I wanted to get Adam a Christmas treat for his bag lunches. Well I looked on the back of the box and there were these…


Eeeeek! Cute little Christmas tags you can cut out.


Just look at him! Needless to say I ran to get my scissors, trims and of course glitter!



Now we’re talking!


These are  not packaging, but they are also darn cute.

So if you want some Christmas cuteness, take a moment and really look at the things that are passing through your life this holiday. And please don’t forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas!





A little over a year ago on May 27th, I posted a blog about smash books. I even showed one I made  myself. Smash books and junk  journals are what I call, ” Scrapbooking for the rest of us”. I haven’t gotten into proper scrapbooking yet, although I’ve seen some awesome mixed-media type layouts. Most of my photos are still lingering on my computer’s memory.The ones I have actually printed out are lingering away in photo boxes. “One day,” I tell myself. “One day!”

But what about the ticket stubs, playbills, receipts, candy wrappers, maps, postcards and other ephemera you want to hold onto?  All of life’s little papers hold memories that deserve to be remembered. That is what junk journals and smash books are for. And the best part of junk journals is that there is absolutely no talent required to fill one. You can tape, glue or staple your papers in. No particular order is required. Then you can add doodles, stickers, sentiments or nothing. It’s entirely up to you.

I have filled up the junk journal I made a year ago and there is absolutely no empty spaces for anything else. IT IS STUFFED. So here are some random pictures from my stuffed junk journal.


In my next blog post I will show pictures of the awesome new junk journal that I got from my friend Camilla in a swap. And if you’d like to make a junk journal for yourself, see my post from May 27, 2013. If you’re not inclined to make  your own journal, but still want one to fill, please visit my Etsy shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MossyCottage?ref=si_shop where I have many to choose from. Once you start “smashing” things into a journal you’ll see why it’s become so popular!





A Christmas Album

This is not a post about Bing Crosby or Burl Ives because it’s not about that kind of Christmas album. Sorry!  This is just a shorty little post to show you a Christmas mini-album I made for my friend Camilla. We decided some months ago to do a Christmas mini-album swap with each other. The only real rules were that the album could only have six pages and it had to be a mini versus regular sized album. I think both of us did our best to cram as much photo real estate as we could in the six pages.

Last Friday we got together for tea at Pinkadilly and exchanged albums. The one she gave me is awesome. I cannot wait to take pictures and make notes to put in it. 

Here are pictures of the album I made for her. Almost every page has two pictures, one with the page in tact and the second with the flaps open and tags and such pulled out. I hope Camilla will enjoy filling this album up this season!

Camilla and I decided our next swap will be junk journals! They will certainly be less formal but fun none-the-less!


Tea for….One!

Today I got to do one of the things I really love to do. I went to tea. If any of you have been to tea before you know you are in for a delightful time with a girlfriend, or two, or maybe even a bigger group.

What is behind this door?

I, however, did something I have never done before. I went to tea ALONE! I know, collective gasp right? I had a good reason. I had a gift certificate that I had only one more day to use. I figured it would be too hard to try to get someone who could go with me at the last-minute. Plus Adam had early dismissal so I had to get him from school at 2:00PM making planning even more complicated. But after thinking about it for a while, I thought it would be great to see if I could  handle going to tea alone. Every one else is with at least one other person. Then there is that weirdo with a camera and notebook sitting BY HERSELF. What’s up with that? Well I will tell you, I had a wonderful time. Pinkadilly is THE place to have tea in Fredericksburg and it’s good when you are with a friend (imaginary or real) or are alone.

I had the Princess Anne Tea.


 My food consisted of spanikopita, cucumber sandwiches with dill, a roasted red pepper cream cheese sandwich on pumpernickel, white chocolate cherry scones, Devon cream and lemon curd, a strawberry oatmeal bar, pumpkin mousse, candy corn cake, a chocolate truffle and fresh grapes with sliced oranges. Oh and I drank a copious amount of Earl Gray tea.

My stomach was not the only thing getting full though. My eyes were treated to more “girly” stuff than you can imagine.

There are doilies, rosy china, teapots, bird houses, dolls, cups and saucers, framed photos and roses everywhere. Even the bathroom is adorable, but I draw the line at photographing that!!!

  Eye Candy

I could not eat all of my food even though I took about 45 minutes to eat and enjoy my surroundings, so I boxed up these leftovers.

Leftovers for Adam

I figured Adam would enjoy them when I picked him up. Well I’m sorry to say that 15-year-old boys who have just finished soccer practice do not get “doing tea”. He gobbled up the goodies out of the Styrofoam box in 5 minutes flat only stopping to get swigs of water out of a plastic bottle in the front seat of our Honda CR-V. Really Adam, really? Oh well, at least he wasn’t eating ALONE!

For your information:

Pinkadilly Tea is located at 303 Fauquier Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 11AM until 4Pm. You may call for reservations at 540-361-1235. Their web address is http://www.pinkadillytea.com. They will be relocating to 707 Caroline Street. See their website for details.