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Why Not?

The other day I got a new calendar type planner. I really like it because it’s small and has lots of pockets to carry important things in like stickers business cards. I had to order the page inserts and you may think that already being April the calendar inserts for 2015 would be on sale. You would be wrong! I found a shop on Amazon that had exactly what I was looking for and they only cost 10 cents. Of course shipping was $5.50, but that is still cheaper than I found them anywhere else. So while I was shopping at this particular store on Amazon I noticed they also carried some art supplies. So here is what I went online to shop for…


And here is what else I purchased…


I ordered the Sharpie markers because I saw a cool technique on Pinterest that I wanted to try. So the first things I decided to play with were…


Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. Dollar Tree didn’t have clear alcohol so I figured I could get away using the green. The first thing I did was scribble with three colors on a piece of glossy card stock.


Then I dropped alcohol from a dropper bottle on the page.


It was supposed to blend all the colors together and look really cool. It didn’t do that much except make a few puddle marks. I was not going to quit here though so I took out the Twinkling H2Os I bought and used the orange and yellow colors to fill in the white gaps on the page.


Then I just added some background paper and images.


Added some more layers and text and then made it into a tag.


Even though this technique didn’t work how I wanted it to, I noticed the back had a really cool design caused by the alcohol bleeding through the paper. I may explore this technique in the future and use it as the main background in a project.¬†


So next time you are shopping for something you need and you are tempted to try some new art supplies it’s okay to say, “Why not?”.


What Am I Doing?

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) when you feel like you are so terribly busy and yet you don’t feel like you have accomplished anything? Well I felt that way earlier this week so I decided to stop and take stock of what I had actually done. Now, I’m not talking about laundry, cleaning, cooking or any of that boring ¬†stuff. I’m talking about “making” and “creating” because, well, that stuff is more fun. So even though I felt like I hadn’t done anything, this is what was made.

Psalm 93:4 Mixed Media

Psalm 93:4 Mixed Media


Mixed Media Necklaces

Mixed Media Necklaces

Close up of Mixed Media Necklaces

Close up of Mixed Media Necklaces

One of a Kind Trinket Necklaces

One of a Kind Trinket Necklaces

Close Up of Trinket Necklaces

Close Up of Trinket Necklaces

Oh, and there is a Christmas Mini Album I am working on for a swap, however, I cannot show you that because I know the intended recipient (yes, you Camilla) reads this blog. So I guess besides laundry, cleaning and cooking, the fun stuff is getting done too. The next time you are feeling unproductive, just grab everything you have been working on, put it on a table and revel in the fact that you too are actually”doing”!