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Why Not?

The other day I got a new calendar type planner. I really like it because it’s small and has lots of pockets to carry important things in like stickers business cards. I had to order the page inserts and you may think that already being April the calendar inserts for 2015 would be on sale. You would be wrong! I found a shop on Amazon that had exactly what I was looking for and they only cost 10 cents. Of course shipping was $5.50, but that is still cheaper than I found them anywhere else. So while I was shopping at this particular store on Amazon I noticed they also carried some art supplies. So here is what I went online to shop for…


And here is what else I purchased…


I ordered the Sharpie markers because I saw a cool technique on Pinterest that I wanted to try. So the first things I decided to play with were…


Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. Dollar Tree didn’t have clear alcohol so I figured I could get away using the green. The first thing I did was scribble with three colors on a piece of glossy card stock.


Then I dropped alcohol from a dropper bottle on the page.


It was supposed to blend all the colors together and look really cool. It didn’t do that much except make a few puddle marks. I was not going to quit here though so I took out the Twinkling H2Os I bought and used the orange and yellow colors to fill in the white gaps on the page.


Then I just added some background paper and images.


Added some more layers and text and then made it into a tag.


Even though this technique didn’t work how I wanted it to, I noticed the back had a really cool design caused by the alcohol bleeding through the paper. I may explore this technique in the future and use it as the main background in a project. 


So next time you are shopping for something you need and you are tempted to try some new art supplies it’s okay to say, “Why not?”.


A Snow Day Project

If you live in any of the central or northern United States you have probably had a snow day ,or 5, this past week. Snow days are great because we can sleep in and lounge in pj’s longer than on regular days (unless you shop at Walmart). You don’t have to wear make-up or fix up your hair. You can make soup, chili and homemade bread. You can watch TV and look at Pinterest for hours on end. These are things I love to do on a snow day. But when a snow day turns into 3 or 4 days I start to get antsy. And when I get antsy I usually start tidying things.

If any of you look on my Etsy shop, Mossy Cottage, you will notice I have posted quite a few laces and trims this last week. Some of them are so beautiful I just had to keep some for myself. Yeah, like I need more trim. Combine pieces of lace, boredom, and a need to use glitter and this is the project I started.



First I got two very large jars.



I painted the lids and then covered them with Delta Ceramcoat Sparkle Glaze. It is a protective coating that has glitter in it. When it is dry, the glitter is sealed in and won’t come off. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Aren’t these lids adorable?!


I got out some of my vintage clothes pegs.



And the pieces of lace I saved from my Etsy listings.


I wound the lace around the clothes pegs, secured the ends with pins, and popped them into one of the jars. The other jar is still full of clothes pegs ready to tackle this…..



This is my HUGE box of jumbled up laces. So all I can say now is….let is snow!!!



Let’s Play Tag

Okay, I’m at it again. Playing tag that is. I know I’ve already blogged about making tags, but this one is different. These tags are loaded with layers and embellishments. I made these tags after wasting spending hours on Pinterest. My name is Helen and I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. Anyway, you can check out my Pinterest board titled “Tags” or just do a general search at the top of the Pinterest page for tags and you will see some really beautiful and inspiring examples. So this is how I got started.

Heavy Cardboard

Heavy Cardboard


First I cut some heavy cardboard into a tag shape. You can make them rectangular if you don’t have a tag template. The color of the cardboard won’t matter as they will get covered on both sides.



I covered mine with sheet music on both sides and inked up the edges with distress ink. You could use brown or black paint if that’s all you have.



I put some corrugated cardboard, dry brushed cream, and two rows of lace down next. Holes were punched for hanging with eyelets added for strength.



I tinted some pieces of cheese cloth with Smooch brand glimmer spray, just to add some color to the next layer. You could use white cheese cloth or any color tulle just as easily.


Next I added an image and a feather just for fun.



This last layer is the most fun. I added text, flowers, a metal butterfly and lots of glitter. I definitely let my “girly” self show in these tags.

You can theme your tags to your own tastes whether that be chickens, bees, vintage pictures or cars. Just break out the cardboard and anything you can use as embellishments.Because unlike the game of Tag, these tags have no rules to be right!



A True Tail Tale

Yesterday morning at 6am one of my wildest nightmares came true. You see, I like to get up early on weekends and enjoy that peaceful time of day. I love to get a cup of coffee and look at Pinterest for a while. Yesterday was no different…to begin with. I went downstairs to get my coffee and Louie was at my feet. It was still dark and Holly ran in the kitchen to greet me not aware that Louie was right there. Now don’t get me wrong, they have made great strides in the “getting used to each other” phase, but they’re not quite there yet. The hissing began much to my  chagrin. This one…



is clueless that this one….


Holly Golightly

doesn’t always want him in her face. So Holly backed up onto the hearth (behind her in the picture) and got to close to this…..


Naughty Pilot Light

It’s hard to see in this picture, but there is a pilot light on in this gas fireplace. Do I really need to tell you the rest of the story??? You guessed it. Her beautiful tail went right into the pilot light and started to fry. Her hair is so long that she was oblivious when her tail ignited in a great big pouf!  When she did feel the heat she darted out of the fireplace. She thankfully ran by me, flaming tail and all, so I could bend down and extinguish it with my hands. This is how her beautiful tail looked post trauma…


Singed Tail

Well Holly seems to be none the worse for the wear and it was not much later that I took this picture of her with Louie….


Friends Taking a Nap

Now when we first got Holly I noticed she was a very curious kitty, and still is. I told Martin that one day she would catch herself on fire because she would get too close to the fireplace. He told me it would never happen. I am going to use all the restraint I can muster and not say those four words nobody wants to hear!!! Anyway, I can laugh at my flaming kitty today because I know she is alright. Yesterday morning I was a little shaken though, so to get over it I gave myself extra Pinterest time. All better!!!

I’m Actually Going to Make It!

As of this past Thursday evening I had 151 pins on my Pinterest board called “Make”. I know most of you have a board like this.  It’s the one with all the wonderful crafts and DIY projects you are  planning to make in all your spare time (insert laughter here). The key word here is planning because that’s how far any of us get. 

Well this week I decided I am actually going to make ONE item off my “Make” board. So I looked at all the crafty goodness and I oohed and aahed at the possibilities. Then I came to my senses and chose the following criteria for the project.

First, it must not require supplies most people don’t have lying around, like a mile high stack of pallets, 115 vintage hankies or 55 yards of antique french lace.

Second, it must not require tools most people don’t own, like a blow torch, kiln or tower crane.

Third, it should not require skills the average Joe doesn’t possess, like glass blowing, tatting or scrimshaw.

And Lastly, it cannot take three days to make!

Well, those criteria really put a dent in my list. But there is one little project we probably can all make without using too many “sentence enhancers” and here it is.

This cutie little pin came from the flickr link above, according to Pinterest.

Now it’s our turn to make one. First we need to pick some ribbons to use. Simple, right?


Yeah, I know that’s obscene, and the bad part is that this is only SOME of the ribbon I have!

rp1Okay, now we can really get started.

rp2Cut a length of ribbon and fold it in half over the non-moving arm of the pin. It is important that you don’t use the side of the pin you need to open and close to attach it to your clothing. Sew the ribbon right under the pin arm. You can use a sewing machine like I did (with zipper foot), hand sew it or I guess even use glue!


Cut the end of the ribbon to the desired length and angle.

Next we’re going to pick a piece of lace to layer over the ribbon. Simple, right?


This is just ONE box of lace and ribbon scraps I have. I won’t even show you the rolls of lace!!


Now I’ve just snipped some lace and put it in place.

Find a button, flower, fabric yo-yo or some other kind of embellishment to sew or glue on top.

Here are some sample pins I made.




Now I know this is not high fashion jewelry, however, it is easy to make and uses stuff we probably all have on hand. You can customize them any way you want. These little pins would be great to make for fund raisers, as a VBS craft, for a make-it-and-take-it at a party, or to show your support for a cause. 

If you would excuse me now, a whole drawer full of ribbon is calling me to make it into pins!