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Journaling by 5s, Part 5 (This Is Just The Beginning)

I am now on the last “mandated” part of Journaling by 5s by Shannon Green.  As you can recall the first 15  minute session was paint/ink for color, the second was collage/recycled stuff for texture, the third stamps/stencils for pattern, the fourth words/images for focal point and lastly pen/pencil for finishing details. 

Why is it that 15 minutes is so long when we are waiting at the Doctor’s office or for a table at our favorite restaurant and so short when we are on Pinterest trying to be creative? One would think it easy to doodle some words and scribbles on 20 pages in 15 minutes, right? Wrong! Once again the timer kicked my butt and although I worked on all 20 pages, I am nowhere near finished.  Mostly what I did during this time is to outline pictures and words with my Pitt Pens and then smudged the lines to give a blended effect. You have to look really hard to see it in these pictures, but trust me I did it.

Here are some pictures of pages I have been working on. I won’t bore you all to death with all twenty pages.

Shannon says in her video that after you finish the 5 sessions you have “free time” to work on the pages as you wish. These pages are really just in their beginning stages and will take a lot more work. I am looking forward to working on them and will post some pictures here and there as I get the pages done. The thing with mixed media is that I “have to be in the mood” in order to do it well. 

Now, drum roll please! Here is the status of the heinous page so far……

Beginning to look not so heinous after all!

Beginning to look not so heinous after all!