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Inspired Tags

I have been watching some videos by Marta from Maremi SmallArt on YouTube. She is one talented lady! She does amazing mixed media as well as paper projects like cards. One video in particular got my creative juices flowing. In this video, Marta made Shabby Chic vintage style cards. The link to the video is:

Instead of making cards, however, I was inspired to make some tags using her techniques.


First I cut some tag shapes out of cardboard. I just free-handed these.


Then I added a layer of texture using decoupage paper, drywall tape and old book pages stuck on with Gesso.


For my first tag I used my Prima Princess paper collection and embellishments.


For the second tag I used some specialty papers and some papers from the Market Street collection by My Mind’s Eye.

For the third tag I used paper from Tim Holtz and My Mind’s Eye, however, I forgot to take a picture of the papers used. Sorry!


Here are the three tags I made.




I love how they turned out. There is so much layering on each one so the dimension is quite thick.

If you find yourself in a rut or just need a little inspiration. Go to Marta’s YouTube channel, Maremi SmallArt. I know you will find some videos to jump-start your art mojo!

Thank you Marta for all of your videos, including the “Break a blank page” series!


Crafting With A Cause – Part 3

I’m at it again! I am entering another crafting challenge to benefit a charity. This one is being sponsored by Beth from Bethsscrapbookroom on YouTube. We were challenged to make cards for the residents of Boston Home which is a home for adults with MS and other degenerative muscle diseases. Please visit their site here: http://www.thebostonhome.org . Watch their videos and I guarantee you will be touched and inspired by these wonderful people! 

Instead of making regular greeting cards, I stretched myself to try something new. I made easel cards that stand upright so the residents can display them and easily see them. Here are the six cards I made.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for men.

Cards for men.

I really love participating in these challenges because I learn more about other people’s struggles as well as new crafting techniques. I urge you to stretch yourself and participate on some crafting challenges sponsored by individuals on YouTube. To find one, just type in craft challenges in the search box. 

No excuses people. I have never read any books on card making or taken any classes. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube to get you started!

Bag of Inspirations

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. What am I going to wear today? What am I going to make for dinner? What am I going to blog about this week? What is my next collage going to be about? The list goes on…and on…and on. Well, I hit the jackpot yesterday with a paper bag. But wait, this is not any ordinary paper bag, it’s a Trader Joe’s paper bag!!!

ImageSad to say this bag did not come to me filled with Trader Joe goodies. Anyway, it was laying around the floor after I unpacked it and lo and behold, who took up residence in said bag?

ImageNone other than Miss Holly Golightly! Well, when she was finished playing house with it I was going to throw it away. It was too torn to put newspapers in for recycling which is what we do with paper bags. But no, I noticed it had some really cool graphics on it. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do?

ImageFirst I covered a piece of heavy cardboard with different pieces of text and then tore some of it away with masking tape to create this wonderful background. I just noticed the word “girdle” sticking right out in front. I can tell you, that was not planned!

ImageThen I got out some acrylic paints and got messy!!!

ImageAfter the initial background painting was done, I added some dimension by dabbing paint on bubble wrap, burlap and that rubbery stuff you put on shelves to keep your dishes from moving.

ImageNext came the graphics from the bags and some additional ephemera I had within reach carefully chosen. We’re getting there, but not done quite yet.

ImageSome stamping came next, followed by outlining certain objects to make them stand out more. So here are the finished projects.


ImageI think they turned out really well. Of course the only thing better to do with a Trader Joe’s bag than collage, is to actually carry some of their goodies home in one. I hope they consider my art a creative way to recycle!