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Happy Mail From Betsy Doodle!

I was blessed this week to receive a package of wonderful handmade items from Dee Webster, otherwise known as Betsy Doodle on YouTube. Dee generously gave away a few extra prizes after her “hand of friendship and card for Mr. Doodle” challenge. I am so thrilled I won because she is such a talented lady. Here are the items I received all the way from Lincolnshire, England.

Look at this pile of art supply goodness!

Here are some wonderful napkins to decoupage with. Being that I am originally from England myself, I’m partial to the Union Jack napkin!

Dee’s hand-made painty papers are to die for. I will share the projects I use these in if I decide to take them out of the hoard vault!!!

A large and small pocket folder, ATC, tickets and some marbled papers. I’m swooning. 

I just love this prize and promise to use the items after I’ve enjoyed just looking at them long enough. If you’ve never watched Dee’s YouTube channel, do yourself a favor and check it out. I guarantee that after watching a video or two you’ll be hooked like I was. 

The link to her channel is:


Thank you again Dee for such a lovely surprise and thank you all for letting me gush about it!


Junk on My Desk

I tend to be a really tidy person and like to keep my work surfaces somewhat clean. However, I seem to have a problem throwing out the little bits and pieces left over from my projects. I think I must have a crow, hoarder, good steward gene that keeps me from wasting even the tiniest scraps.

As June is on the horizon, I have to get everything ready to start making my items for the Fall. A quick tidy up was called for. When most of my work table was cleared off, however, I was left with this….

A pile of scraps and left-over supplies my hoarder self could not throw out.

A pile of scraps and left-over supplies my hoarder self could not throw out.


I am a professional at making something out of nothing, however, even this pile did not have enough in it to make any decent projects. So I went to my trusty suitcase of scrap paper to supplement “the pile”.

Little suitcase stuffed with scraps of every kind of paper imaginable.

Little suitcase stuffed with scraps of every kind of paper imaginable.


I used these papers to cover the writing on the tags and  provide a nice solid background.

Scraps of paper to make backgrounds for my scrappy project.

Scraps of paper to make backgrounds for the tags.


Even though the background scraps didn’t fit perfectly, I was able to hide them with pictures cut from a calendar and the bits and bobs from my scrap pile.



I had fun decoupaging. cutting. gluing and snipping for an hour. And at the end of it all, my scrap pile had shrunk down to this…



Now this little pile can just be thrown away, right? Maybe if you are sane. I, however, have squirreled this little pile into a bowl on my desk in  hopes to use it another day!

If anybody would like me to send them the little tags I made, I would be more than happy to pop them in the mail. The first person who lets me know they want them, by leaving a comment ON MY BLOG PAGE, can have them. See, I am able to get rid of some things after all!!!!

BIG 25th Blog Post Give Away!!!

As promised, dear readers, this is my 25th blog post and therefore the BIG giveaway. This is my great big thank you to all of my faithful readers and new readers alike.  The rules are simple. Just write a comment at the end of this blog where it says, “Leave a comment” and you will be entered to win. Only ONE person will win this time so ALL the goodies will be theirs! This give away is open to EVERYONE!!!! If you are afraid to enter because you are my friend, or we have a working relationship, or you are a family member this give away IS FOR YOU. SO ENTER!!! Please DO NOT just leave a “like” on my Face Book page as that will not get you entered into the drawing. All comments must be posted by 12AM Tuesday, December 18th to qualify. The winner will be picked by the official counting house of “Adam and his hat”. On with the good stuff, what you could win!!!


A Beautiful Hand Made Green Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet was made by Helga King. I purchased it from a local Christmas craft fair just for this give away.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

Handmade (by me) Spring bookmark and Holly Golightly wet wipes.

The story behind these wipes is from a previous post. Check it out if you haven’t read it already.


Oodles of Mixed Media and Crafting Goodies

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

Close up of goodies.

I want everyone of you to give mixed media art a try. There are no rules and it is so fun. Look up examples online for inspiration. Make cards, pictures, magnets, bookmarks or whatever strikes your fancy. Some of the goodies are:

Sheets of vintage music

Sheets of handwritten vintage ledger paper

Sheets from a french reading book

A stack of small manilla envelopes

A stack of English word cards

A stack of Bible Verse Cards

Some large decoupaged (by me) tags

Crepe paper,silk  flowers, a small clothes peg, various cutouts, paper poufs (made by me), some pink vintage wired tinsel

There are also some other surprises included with this lot.

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Set of Six Birdy Cupcake Toppers (made by me).

Sorry the picture is so bad. This is a set of six cute little bird cupcake toppers that I made.

So, I hope you are happy with what I am giving away this time. Except for the wet wipes, everything in this giveaway is of the theme “Hand Made”. Thank you again for reading my blog. God bless you all and good luck!!!!