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Scrapping My Stash

Most people love to shop. I love to shop. I love to shop for anything vintage, shabby, chippy or retro.  I can justify buying vintage items because I turn around and sell them in my shop or on Etsy. That is my real job. I also LOVE to shop for craft supplies. I have a little harder time justifying money spent on craft supplies because that is more of a money-making hobby than a job. I can only sell a few crafts in my shop due to merchandise rules. I try to sell crafts on Etsy but the competition is fierce! I do sell crafts at the Vintage Home Market Shows and the Christmas Show and the Fredericksburg Expo Center. But all in all crafting is not how I make a living.

So, that being said, I have decided to cut way back on my craft supply spending and “scrap my stash” instead. I am going to use up as many of the supplies I have on hand as I can. After all, I bought those things because I liked them and intended to make something with them, right?

My second* project I made while “scrapping my stash” is these cute Easter decorations. They will be going to the antique mall. I used up lots of bits and pieces I had on hand including the large puzzle pieces. Sadly they hardly made a dent in my stash!


Here are some close-ups of each piece.







I hope you like these Easter pretties. Look forward to more posts on “scrapping my stash” which I will be writing. In the mean time, take a look around you and see all the wonderful stuff you bought to craft with and get making!

*To see my first “scrapping my stash” project, please see my last blog post titled, “Goodbye Old Friend”.


Easter Peeks Not Peeps

Even though the weather has been just dreadful here in Virginia this past week, I have been thinking about Spring. Easter to be exact. I have been busy creating goodies to sell at my Mossy Cottage mortar and bricks store in Fredericksburg. I thought I would give you a little sneak peek in the hope that it will get your spirits up and ready for warmer weather (without clouds and rain)!

Here are some peat pot baskets.

eb eb1 eb2 eb3eb10


And here are some cute scrabble tile ornaments I made. I wish I could say I was clever enough to come up with this idea myself, alas, I am not. 100% of the credit for this idea goes here: www.pinterest.com/pin/500462577313389189/ by Stampin D’Amour. I did come up with my own designs, however, because I used supplies I already had on hand.

eb4 eb5 eb6 eb7 eb8 eb9

scrab scrab1 scrab2 scrab3 scrab4


I am happy to say that a couple of these goodies are already on their way to a customer I have in New York. Anyway, the glitter is still flying in my studio because I am working on a couple other Easter items. I will post them as soon as they are finished. In the meantime, chins up, Spring IS on its way!!!

A Little Bit of Christmas

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older (and wiser) but I just don’t feel the need to go overboard with Christmas decorating anymore. I used to put up several trees in different areas of the house and now it seems like such a chore to get one up. I have a collection of snowmen that haven’t seen the light of day for the last three years. The parlor hasn’t had a tree in it for  as long as I can remember which means my antique clip-on bird collection is now collecting dust.

I believe a part of my decorating funk has to do with how totally commercial and crass Christmas has become. Most people under the age of 18 don’t even have a clue what Christmas is about other than getting more stuff! I really want to celebrate Christmas for what it is, a remembrance of  Jesus’ birthday. 

I don’t want to be entirely Scroogy either so this year I decided to have “a little bit of Christmas” around the house. Let me show you what I mean.



This pretty apple and berry wreath around the dining room chandelier was made by my long time friend Donna McLeod from Snow Creek Farm. 



This matching swag over the door was also made by Donna. I can’t even remember how old these are but they are still really pretty. The only other decoration I have in the dining room is this…



This is a really BIG vintage ceramic light up tree. I love these so much and I always sell out of the ones I get in the shop. When we are not in the dining room we leave the lights on as a kind of night-light. It’s just so homey.



So here is a look at the dining room, as best as I could get it, with all three elements in the picture. I may add some fresh magnolia and holly (not the cat) to the mantle and an embroidered Christmas runner on the table and call it a day.


This funny little Anna Lee Santa was my mother-in-laws but she was nice enough to give it to us. He likes it on the mantle in the kitchen and has spent many a Christmas there.



This part of the foyer usually sports three rustic trees with outdoorsy and camping ornaments. This year, however, I decided to see how Louie does with the big tree before I temp him with three small ones. The teddy always sits in the foyer and yes, it is another vintage light up tree on the cabinet!



There is nothing little about this Christmas decoration. It may not seem like it in this picture but this tree is 10 feet tall. We have really tall ceilings and our 6 foot tree just looked ridiculously small in our house. We upgraded to this big boy last year. My favorite ornament is the paper plate and doily angel tree topper Adam made when he was little. And look,  Louie seems like he’s dreaming of Christmas.



Oooh, look how pretty it is with the lights off. Do you see my vintage nativity lit up under the tree? Well that leads me to one more Christmas decoration we have out.



I love this 1960’s vintage creche. It reminds me of my childhood!

Well, that’s the Christmas tour of the Hausers house. I realize that we won’t be featured in any decorating magazines for our Christmas displays but I am very happy with what we have. We have enough to remind us that this season is special without being hit in the head with the crass commercialism of today’s Christmases. We will have special dinners and plenty of home-made treats. We will have enough presents to exchange with each other and with our whole family. But best of all, we will have each other! Merry Christmas to Martin and Adam, I hope you like the decorations!!!


A Passionate Plea

Halloween has passed and now we face almost two months of frenzied activity and rampant commercialism. While we hold tightly to the traditions we love, there are  things about the Christmas season that we probably all would like to change. Food is pretty much all traditional at our house. I may try a new cookie recipe once in a while, however, I know better than to forgo the crack-up candy and homemade cinnamon rolls. Can anyone say Mutiny on the Bounty? There are couple parties we always look forward to attending. And of course, our family has the silly white elephant gift swap, which is always good for a ton of laughs.

My passionate plea has nothing to do with changing these things. Rather, I am focusing more on decorations and gifts. I’m not going to bore you with details on how much stuff we import from China or how full our landfills are becoming. I’m assuming most of you have at least some idea of what is going on in these areas. What I am asking is that all my readers consider buying vintage and handmade gifts and decorations instead of going to (insert big box store name here) and buying cheap junk that is only benefiting the rich owners of the manufacturing companies and box stores.

Vintage glasses, Christmas Hanky and Light Up Bells

Okay Helen, take a breath. There are craft fairs galore this time of year. Ask around and see which ones might have stuff that interests you.  Yes, I know there are craft fairs that carry crocheted pot holders and the like. However, now more than ever you will find better shows that feature handmade items like jewelry, purses, decorations, bath products and mixed media art. Not like your sainted granny’s show!

Hand Decorated Christmas Candles on Glass Stands


You are literally helping your local economy when you buy from American crafts people and artisans. Believe me, if you buy something I make, I will in turn have money to buy something from someone else. And I always try to buy local first. I would much rather give someone a handmade gift than a mass-produced item that carries little thought. Okay, so I can’t crochet an iPad, but I can find really nice handmade iPad holders at craft shows and on Etsy.

Mixed Media Stuffed Ornaments and Glittered Tree Toppers


There are also tons of cute, vintage decorations to be had at antique shops, flea markets and thrift stores. Again, these purchases support small local businesses.

Hand Made Vintage Style Bottle Brush Wreaths

I don’t care if you vote Republican or Democrat next week, one thing is for sure. Our economy is not going to get stronger if we don’t start making and buying products in the USA! This is not a shameless advertisement for Mossy Cottage, because I’m less interested in you buying your gifts and decorations from me (although that would be nice) as I am for you to buy from any small business or craftsman here in this country. And if craft shows are not your “thing”, then check out antique shops or shopping online at Etsy. There is really so much cool stuff out there, stuff I know I would enjoy getting, you just have to think outside the (big) box!!!!! See what I did there?

Vintage Style Tabletop Tree and Vintage Carolers