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Scrapping My Stash

Most people love to shop. I love to shop. I love to shop for anything vintage, shabby, chippy or retro.  I can justify buying vintage items because I turn around and sell them in my shop or on Etsy. That is my real job. I also LOVE to shop for craft supplies. I have a little harder time justifying money spent on craft supplies because that is more of a money-making hobby than a job. I can only sell a few crafts in my shop due to merchandise rules. I try to sell crafts on Etsy but the competition is fierce! I do sell crafts at the Vintage Home Market Shows and the Christmas Show and the Fredericksburg Expo Center. But all in all crafting is not how I make a living.

So, that being said, I have decided to cut way back on my craft supply spending and “scrap my stash” instead. I am going to use up as many of the supplies I have on hand as I can. After all, I bought those things because I liked them and intended to make something with them, right?

My second* project I made while “scrapping my stash” is these cute Easter decorations. They will be going to the antique mall. I used up lots of bits and pieces I had on hand including the large puzzle pieces. Sadly they hardly made a dent in my stash!


Here are some close-ups of each piece.







I hope you like these Easter pretties. Look forward to more posts on “scrapping my stash” which I will be writing. In the mean time, take a look around you and see all the wonderful stuff you bought to craft with and get making!

*To see my first “scrapping my stash” project, please see my last blog post titled, “Goodbye Old Friend”.

A Little Serendipity

I have already started making some things for Christmas, and yes I know it is only June. As any artist or crafter knows, one must begin making early in order to have enough stock to get through all the holiday shows. This year I plan on doing several shows in the fall so my efforts have to be doubled! Well, after one particular project using real 1950’s Christmas wrapping paper I had a pile of scraps leftover. I just don’t have it in me to throw away vintage supplies so I had to find a good way to use them up. Pinterest to the rescue! I found a perfect idea at this site:


So I decided to make some serendipity squares of my own. Here is the pile of vintage paper scraps. Can you hear them crying to be used and not tossed out? No? Hmmm, I could.


First I took a piece of white cardstock and randomly stamped a flourish on it.


Then I tore up bits of the paper and just stuck it on in absolutely no order whatsoever.


It looks like a mess doesn’t it. It gets better, I promise. When the glue dried I stamped on top with some more flourishes to add some extra depth. Then I cut the paper into 1 1/2″ squares.


Using my paper trimmer made easy work of it. Next I cut 2″ squares from black and aqua cardstock to mount the decorated squares on.


Now the fun part. I added a little embellishment to each one. I used rick rack, buttons, bells, beads, rhinestones, string, stickers and who knows what else to  make each one special. Here is how they turned out.



These little goodies can be used as gift tags, attached to a plain greeting card or used as an embellishment for a mixed media piece. I have another use for them, however, but I’m keeping it under wraps (pun intended) until this fall!

I hope you remember this little art project. It took me no more than an hour to make all of these and it was an hour of pure fun. No art talent required, any age can do this and the environment will thank you. So go ahead, create a little serendipity for yourself!