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I Won!!!

I am one of those unfortunate people who rarely ever wins anything. But my luck seems to be changing. I recently won a $25.00 Etsy gift card from a site that promotes Etsy sellers. The other prize I just won came from the Boston Home card challenge held by Beth Schrottman from the YouTube channel Bethsscrapbookroom.

If you look back through several posts of mine you will see one called, “Crafting With A Cause – Part 3”. This post explains the challenge and shows the cards made for it. Please note that I did not win based on my cards, it was a raffle type drawing for the prizes. Every person who entered the challenge had a chance at winning. 

Beth is very generous and had several winners but I won FIRST PRIZE! She gave me a choice of two prizes and here is what I chose. It is a kit full of paper and embellishments from Prima’s Princess collection.

Here is what Beth generously sent me:

This paper is so beautiful I’m sure I will hoard use it well. I’m so thankful to Beth not only for the wonderful prizes she gives, but that she sponsors challenges every month to make a difference in other people’s lives.

I hope you consider looking on YouTube and finding a challenge “to craft with a cause”. It could be a real win-win situation!


Crafting With A Cause – Part 3

I’m at it again! I am entering another crafting challenge to benefit a charity. This one is being sponsored by Beth from Bethsscrapbookroom on YouTube. We were challenged to make cards for the residents of Boston Home which is a home for adults with MS and other degenerative muscle diseases. Please visit their site here: http://www.thebostonhome.org . Watch their videos and I guarantee you will be touched and inspired by these wonderful people! 

Instead of making regular greeting cards, I stretched myself to try something new. I made easel cards that stand upright so the residents can display them and easily see them. Here are the six cards I made.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for men.

Cards for men.

I really love participating in these challenges because I learn more about other people’s struggles as well as new crafting techniques. I urge you to stretch yourself and participate on some crafting challenges sponsored by individuals on YouTube. To find one, just type in craft challenges in the search box. 

No excuses people. I have never read any books on card making or taken any classes. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube to get you started!