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Out of the Mess

Just a quick post today as I am in the frantic last days before the Vintage Home Market in Richmond. I am going to show you the dark side of crafting. Intrigued?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a neat nick. I like things tidy, organized and generally uncluttered. Neatness helps me stay calm and think clearer. This past week I was not calm or lucid because I was working here….


I had about 12″ square of uncluttered surface to work on.


I literally had to make a path to negotiate around the floor.


In the kitchen I had my “helpers” who absolutely do not add to my calmness when I’m working!  I have a few hanging wires to add to my altered bingo cards and some finishing touches to add to some of my larger pieces and I’ll be done for this weekend. Here are pictures of some of the items I finished yesterday.

Altered Bingo Cards. They still need wire hangars.

Altered Bingo Cards. They still need wire hangars.



Tiny vintage arrangements.

Tiny vintage arrangements.




So this is just a sampling of what I will have at the show this weekend. I hope these things make you smile and get you ready for a great Christmas season. 

For now I have cleaned up my studio and have restored a little calm and order. I will enjoy it for as long as I can. Next week it will all be dragged out again as I get ready for a show I’m doing on December 4th. I’m not complaining, though, I love my job and I love seeing what comes out of the mess even more!

P.S. I was so verklempt by the mess I used the wrong setting on my camera when I took these pictures.


Junk on My Desk

I tend to be a really tidy person and like to keep my work surfaces somewhat clean. However, I seem to have a problem throwing out the little bits and pieces left over from my projects. I think I must have a crow, hoarder, good steward gene that keeps me from wasting even the tiniest scraps.

As June is on the horizon, I have to get everything ready to start making my items for the Fall. A quick tidy up was called for. When most of my work table was cleared off, however, I was left with this….

A pile of scraps and left-over supplies my hoarder self could not throw out.

A pile of scraps and left-over supplies my hoarder self could not throw out.


I am a professional at making something out of nothing, however, even this pile did not have enough in it to make any decent projects. So I went to my trusty suitcase of scrap paper to supplement “the pile”.

Little suitcase stuffed with scraps of every kind of paper imaginable.

Little suitcase stuffed with scraps of every kind of paper imaginable.


I used these papers to cover the writing on the tags and  provide a nice solid background.

Scraps of paper to make backgrounds for my scrappy project.

Scraps of paper to make backgrounds for the tags.


Even though the background scraps didn’t fit perfectly, I was able to hide them with pictures cut from a calendar and the bits and bobs from my scrap pile.



I had fun decoupaging. cutting. gluing and snipping for an hour. And at the end of it all, my scrap pile had shrunk down to this…



Now this little pile can just be thrown away, right? Maybe if you are sane. I, however, have squirreled this little pile into a bowl on my desk in  hopes to use it another day!

If anybody would like me to send them the little tags I made, I would be more than happy to pop them in the mail. The first person who lets me know they want them, by leaving a comment ON MY BLOG PAGE, can have them. See, I am able to get rid of some things after all!!!!

Everything is Alterable!

As many of you know, I love to up-cycle, recycle and alter things. I have altered bottles, jars, boxes, books and all the usual things. I just finished altering something I never gave much thought to before.

You see, a lovely client of mine from New York asked me to make four May Baskets for her and some of her friends.  I looked on Pinterest (any excuse Helen!) to get some ideas since I had never made a May Basket before. A lot of them were made from cones and some were more like paper boxes. I told my client, after she had mentioned cones, that I would prefer to make something a little sturdier that would last a long time. She said she trusted whatever I wanted to do, so off to Dollar Tree I went. After considering every container the store had, and some things that weren’t even containers but could be modified, I came across these….





I know what you are thinking, “Yeah, those four elegant ladies from New York are going to love those!”  (insert eyeball roll here) But not to worry. There will be no circus themed May Baskets this year. After more than a week of decoupaging, inking, lacing (as in adding lace), flowering, making charms and, of course, glittering, this is the end result…..






Is that a transformation or what? I must say, I really love the way they turned out and I can’t wait to see what my clients think. And being that I used a plastic they can actually fill them candies, baked goodies or flowers if they want. Here are some close-ups so you can see the details.




So the next time you want to challenge yourself to try something new, look out for unusual items to alter. I guarantee you will get unusually good results!