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A True Tail Tale

Yesterday morning at 6am one of my wildest nightmares came true. You see, I like to get up early on weekends and enjoy that peaceful time of day. I love to get a cup of coffee and look at Pinterest for a while. Yesterday was no different…to begin with. I went downstairs to get my coffee and Louie was at my feet. It was still dark and Holly ran in the kitchen to greet me not aware that Louie was right there. Now don’t get me wrong, they have made great strides in the “getting used to each other” phase, but they’re not quite there yet. The hissing began much to my  chagrin. This one…



is clueless that this one….


Holly Golightly

doesn’t always want him in her face. So Holly backed up onto the hearth (behind her in the picture) and got to close to this…..


Naughty Pilot Light

It’s hard to see in this picture, but there is a pilot light on in this gas fireplace. Do I really need to tell you the rest of the story??? You guessed it. Her beautiful tail went right into the pilot light and started to fry. Her hair is so long that she was oblivious when her tail ignited in a great big pouf!  When she did feel the heat she darted out of the fireplace. She thankfully ran by me, flaming tail and all, so I could bend down and extinguish it with my hands. This is how her beautiful tail looked post trauma…


Singed Tail

Well Holly seems to be none the worse for the wear and it was not much later that I took this picture of her with Louie….


Friends Taking a Nap

Now when we first got Holly I noticed she was a very curious kitty, and still is. I told Martin that one day she would catch herself on fire because she would get too close to the fireplace. He told me it would never happen. I am going to use all the restraint I can muster and not say those four words nobody wants to hear!!! Anyway, I can laugh at my flaming kitty today because I know she is alright. Yesterday morning I was a little shaken though, so to get over it I gave myself extra Pinterest time. All better!!!