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Great Junk Journal Fodder Haul

I have already started making junk journals and such for the upcoming Christmas season. Although I really don’t need a lot of ephemera to make new journals, I did want to beef up my stash a little bit. So I picked up some really cool stuff in the last couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you. So without any further ado, here’s the stuff I hauled.

Cool old books and magazines. The pictures in these books are fantastic!

More vintage books with great graphics.

This book is not that old but…

the inside is chock full of vintage street signs. These will also be great to use in my mixed media projects or as embellishments in my journals!

Two more vintage cookbooks, but check out the insides of these…

great pages for journaling. The top one gets extra points because it’s a binder!

Vintage wrapping papers and tissue papers, because the one huge box I already  have is apparently not enough! Again, these can be used in junk journals or in mixed media.

Vintage kitchen labels, a note pad and vintage sewing supplies. These are great additions to junk journals.

A box crammed full of vintage matchbooks. The matches have already been taken out so these will make great tags and embellishments for my journals. This photo doesn’t show the quantity too well but there are at least 250-300 old matchbooks here!

And lastly, a yummy box of old ephemera. There are all kinds of receipts in this lot. Also included were some cards of vintage rickrack and some old pens, some of which are fountain pens.

So all in all, I feel well stocked for a while and am ready to get on with making the journals. If I remember, I’ll show you some of the finished ones. 

It gives me a great feeling to know I can reuse these old treasures to make journals and mixed media projects people will enjoy. Recycling is always a win-win situation!





Cute Christmas Graphics

A lot of people ask me where I find such cute Christmas graphics for my December Dailies. I tell them, “Anywhere I can”. I don’t say that to be evasive or cryptic, I say it because it’s the truth. When you work on December Dailies and junk journals, you learn to look at the things that pass through your hands carefully. You want great graphics for your journals, however, most people don’t really even look at the papers that pass through their hands.

Here are a few cute Christmas graphics that may make it into my December Daily this year and the place where I found them. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for collecting great graphics for whatever project you are working on.

From and old Rudolph The Red Nosed  Reindeer book from a Salvation Army thrift shop.

From and old Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer book from a Salvation Army thrift shop.

I got a whole box of these cards for $1.00 at a church thrift shop.

I got a whole box of these cards for $1.00 at a church thrift shop.

Snowmen plushy patterns from the Goodwill Outlet (by the pound store).

Snowmen plushie patterns from the Goodwill Outlet (by the pound store).

Cut from a children's Christmas book from the library's free book cart.

Cut from a children’s Christmas book from the library’s free book cart.

Vintage greetings cards purchased at a flea market.

Vintage greetings cards purchased at a flea market.

Vintage sticker that was stuffed into a bag with old Christmas ornaments from a thrift shop.

Vintage sticker that was stuffed into a bag with old Christmas ornaments from a thrift shop.

These are just a few examples of what types of graphics are good to use for journals and where you can find them. But don’t forget to look at napkins, coasters, food bags, labels, newspapers, magazines, flyers, food boxes and shopping bags. Great graphics are all around, you just have to slow down and look for them.

I hope you take your time this Christmas to see all the wonderful images marketing professionals put out there for us to enjoy!

New Places Haul

I had the opportunity to shop at two new-to-me thrift shops last week and I absolutely loved them! I spent the day out with a friend and we literally spent all day at these two shops. Thankfully, she looks for entirely different things than I do so we don’t get in each others way. There are things that will be sold by Mossy Cottage and there are things that will be used for crafting. So without anymore ado, here’s what I found.

I also got a cute crocheted vest by Chico’s and an awesome black cashmere sweater. Those things are definitely for personal use! I just love everything I got and a lot of the Mossy Cottage items will be for sale at the upcoming Big Flea in Fredericksburg (see my upcoming events page). I hope you had fun looking and hope you get your own chance to do some thrifting soon.




My Can’t Feel My Fingers Haul

Yesterday was a totally fun yet freezing day. My friends Barb and Juliana went flea marketing with me in Richmond. To an outdoor flea market. Did I mention it was freezing? But you know what? When you start digging through boxes of treasures and looking at all the goodies you kind of forget your pain, right? No, but you plug on anyway.

Here is what I got at the flea market and the antique mall we stopped at on the way back. 

A lot of great stuff to sort through.

A lot of great stuff to sort through.


Just look at all those flea market treasures! I need to break it all down for you so you can wallow in all the vintage goodness.

Who needs an IPad when you can have these?

Who needs an IPad when you can have these?


I got these four chalk boards that were made in Portugal. Who knew the Portuguese are expert chalkboard makers? Not me! And I got the prim little wooden shelf because, well it’s a shelf and who doesn’t need another shelf? The tomato pin cushion is filled with stick pins I can up-cycle for journal and mini-album covers.


There was a really nice lady who was selling all kinds of crafting stuff for 25 cents a package but since I already have enough crafting stuff I just walked away. NOT!!! I did refrain from buying the whole bag for $10.00 though and I thought that was pretty good of me. But I did dig through the bag picking out some things I could use. I stopped picking when I could no longer feel my fingers because they were frozen. Getting my money out of my bag was a comedy of errors and I had to dash after a stack of $5.00 bills the wind took out of my numb hands. For an old lady I can still move pretty quickly, especially when I’m chasing flying money!!!


Well, after I recovered my flying money and my dignity, I noticed a stack of books on the same lady’s table. She said all the books were just 50 cents each. Hello! I got some beautiful books that looked brand new like the Pooh Treasury book and a Beatrice Potter book. I also got a book called Miss Spider’s Tea Party. This book was $1.00 because it is MASSIVE. I have never seen such a big book. Although the book is in great condition I bought it with destruction in mind. I want to take the pages with graphics out and hang them in my laundry room. No kidding, the pictures are poster size. Look!


Now how cute is that? Look at it. Just look at it! I’m sorry, you could not stay in a bad mood after looking at a picture like this unless your heart is made of stone. So the nice lady got more of my money and I walked away with a big smile on my face and an even bigger book. What I was really looking for though were linens and lace. I did end up finding a few linens throughout the day.


My favorite linen buy is the bright 1960’s table runner on the bottom. It will add a lot of color to my Spring shop displays. I didn’t find a single piece of lace at the flea market so I was kind of bummed about that. But when we went to the antique mall I found this!

LACE and trims galore!

LACE and trims galore!


I know, don’t hyper-ventilate like I did when I saw these. Juliana actually found this box first and she bought two of the paper rolls of trim first. And some of the trims are actually no more than shoe laces but for 75 cents a roll who could resist. I had to ask the vendor twice that they were only 75 cents a whole roll and not by trim type. I heard angels singing when she said it was indeed only 75 cents per paper tubey thingy. After selecting my three tubey thingies I found the two pieces of lace with the little roses on it. They are by far, no doubt about it, hands down my absolute favorite find of the day!!! I LOVE them. When I asked the vendor how much they were she said I could just HAVE them. Juliana and Barb almost had to do CPR on me. I told the lady I could not just “HAVE” them because they are so awesome. I told her I must give her something for the happiness she was providing me. I told her I would give her another 75 cents, the same price as her tubey thingies, for these two precious pieces of eye candy. She laughed at me. Some people just don’t understand people with LOD (lace obsession disorder).


I swore I would not buy anymore Christmas stuff this year because the shop is full of it and I really don’t want to have to store the leftovers until next year. So here is the Christmas stuff I ended up buying. I have no words for this lot. Not one word.


And last but not least, here are the things that really don’t fall into any other category of stuff I bought. Yes, there is a big box of PINK Q-tips. I don’t think I really need to explain why I bought those. I bought a beautiful vintage Austrian crystal brooch from a dealer who obviously doesn’t know the value of good old costume jewelry! I’m just saying. The little Italian lacquer box is a stocking stuffer for my mother-in-law because it is an old souvenir from Austria. Yes, she is Austrian and no, I didn’t spoil the surprise because she doesn’t read my blog. The box of chalk is for my Sunday School room because we write our prayer requests on the board each week. The last piece of chalk we have is so small it’s hard to hold never mind write with!

Now, the plastic fruit (grapes or raspberries?) are in this category because I thought they were your run-of-the-mill plastic fruit lights that had been put in the wrong box (pictured above the lights). But no! I plugged them in to see if they work and my breath was just taken away. You see, not only do they alternately flash on and off, but they play “Jingle Bells” at the speed of sound!!! I was actually confused at all the noise and action when I plugged them in. Could somebody please explain to me what flashing fruit (grapes or raspberries?) have to do with jingle bells. I know I can be dense sometimes but I’m just not making the connection here.

Now you can see from all these great purchases that the early frozen bird gets the worm! So don’t let the bitter, cold and damp weather deter you from flea marketing because you may miss the opportunity to buy a set of “Jingle Bells” flashing fruit lights of your own!


My $2.99 Craft Supply Haul

Okay it’s confession time. I promised myself I would not buy ANY MORE craft supplies until I made a BIG dent in the ones I already have. I mean really. My office/studio is a total disaster because there is so much stuff that I don’t have enough storage space for it all. I am a neat freak and it is really starting to get on my nerves. So that is why I made an iron clad promise to myself that I would use up what I have, not only to make some space, but to save some money as well. It was all going so well until I went to the Goodwill today and found this!



It’s a big bag of crafty embellishment type of thingies.



For about 3 pounds of goodies, the price was right. Goodwill had taped the bag shut with packing tape and I couldn’t really see what was in the middle. I took a gamble and laid down my $2.99 anyway.



So I decided to look at the contents with you.



Wow! That’s a lot of embellishments. Let me sort them out a little and we’ll see what we’ve got here. Some of the items didn’t make “the cut” and will be for sale at my next yard sale!!!


First, some fairly flat ribbons and flowers. These are great for putting on journal and album covers.



These frosty little bells are on wires so they will be perfect to use in next year’s Christmas corsages. Side note, I had intended to make some corsages this year, however, I completely ran out of time. Could it be because I was  thrift shopping?



Strings of pearls, pearl sprays and pearl beads. There are at least 1000 uses for these!



Packages and packages of flat white embellishments made from lace and satin. The fact that they are all white is okay with me as I can always spray them with glimmer mists to add color.


Lace trims, cord and seam binding tape. Again, all white and ready to be colored.



Last but not least some other items. There are two bags of naked babies which will be fun to use on Spring crafts. Two blue and white cameo type cabochons. A package of pink epoxy stickers (need I say more)? Some hook and eye closures for a future sewing project, one of which I already had in mind. And last but not least, a tiny little metal clothes hanger! How cute is that? 

Well I have to say that even though I’m disappointed with myself for breaking my “no more buying craft supplies” rule, I am happy that I spotted such a great buy. So now that I’ve added to my big mess, I must go watch youtube crafting videos make something fabulous!



My “No Yardsales Today” Haul

Today was a beautiful fall day. The perfect day for yard sales, however, I had to drive Adam quite a distance to work for a friends dad. I was on the road with him driving for 45 minutes just watching all the yard sales go by. As I am going rafting in West Virginia tomorrow, I was resolute NOT to spend my money at yard sales anyway. After I dropped Adam off I was going to drive straight home and get some crafting projects finished before I leave. But oh, the Siren song of the yard sales. I couldn’t resist. So I stopped at a few. Okay, I stopped at a lot, but some were real duds. So here are some quick pictures of the treasures I found today.

Some of the bigger haul items.

Some of the bigger haul items.


Awesome vintage Hartman luggage with tweed fabric and real leather.

Awesome vintage Hartman luggage with tweed fabric and real leather.


Two big Little House Treasury Books with Illustrations from the 1930's.

Two thick Little House Treasury Books with Illustrations from the 1930’s.


Two vintage centerpieces with accordion tissue paper bases.

Two vintage centerpieces with accordion tissue paper bases.


Box of Shiny Brite ornaments. I love the Uncle Sam and Santa graphic which portrays they are made in America!

Box of Shiny Brite ornaments. I love the Uncle Sam and Santa graphic which portrays they are made in America!


Inside of Better Homes and Garden cookbook from 1953.

Inside of Better Homes and Garden cookbook from 1953.



Two bone china tea cups and saucers and an Avon milk glass hand.

Two bone china tea cups and saucers and an Avon milk glass hand.


Four adorable vintage Santa glasses.

Four adorable vintage Santa glasses.


Crafting supplies I swore I would not buy because I have been buying way to many lately.

Crafting supplies I swore I would NOT buy because I have been buying way to many lately.


Okay, so I don’t have a back bone when it comes to yard sales. And I really don’t have one when it comes to craft supplies from yard sales. Well, the good news is that I only spent $22.00 on the whole lot. That still leaves me plenty of cash NOT to spend at any flea markets I pass on my way to West Virginia tomorrow!






A Sad Little Case

Happy Labor Day everyone! Wow, has the summer ever blown by fast. I have had a very busy summer which included a cruise and a white-water rafting and zip-line trip to West Virginia. I also went to many flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and thrift shops. It was at one of these venues that I found this….


It is a sad little suitcase, probably for doll clothes. It is an old one, and certainly one that has seen better days, but then again, haven’t we all? If you look at the top right corner of the case it even looks like a mouse might have sharpened his teeth on it!


Why would I even consider spending good money on this? I had three reasons. First, it is sturdy and the hardware is all intact. Second, it only cost $1.00. And lastly, it is so sad I just couldn’t leave it to a fate of ever being tossed in the trash can, unused and unloved. Yes, I really do get emotional about inanimate objects! But I could not leave it in this miserable state. I decided since I will never be able to afford a face-lift, this sad little case would get one instead.


First, a coat of white paint around the edges and hardware. Sometimes you have to get ugly (or in this case uglier) before you get pretty. If you’ve ever had foil highlights put in your hair you know what I’m talking about.


Then I applied a bunch of scrap papers around the whole case. This is a view of the top.


And here is the front. As an afterthought I decided to cover up any white paint around the edges and hardware with some distress ink.


It gives it a little more vintage flair.


I wiped out the inside, which was not so bad, but it needed a little upgrade too.


I just put some paper in the lid and in the bottom, but left the sides in their original state. I love how this sad little case ended up. Not so sad anymore! I am mainly going to use this case to carry art supplies when I go out (can anyone say, Donna Downey class in October!!!!). I was going to stamp some “arty” words inside the lid but decided I may also use it for displaying lace and such at vintage shows. I’m sorry my pictures do not do this little $1.00 beauty justice. She actually is quite pretty now.

So my challenge to you is to take a chance and spend that whole dollar on the sad little object nobody else will buy. You never know, it could be a diamond in the rough!

Neat New Stuff

My brick and mortar shop, Mossy Cottage, in old town Fredericksburg carries all things girly. By that, I mean rosy, shabby, blingy, shiny and pretty vintage goods. Many of you may not know that I also rent a small space upstairs at that same location. Until recently it also was full of pretties. Well my friends, times have changed! Mossy Cottage Too, which is how I refer to the upstairs space, now if full of really neat and different vintage things. I want the upstairs to appeal to the more “artsy and boho” crowd. So here are just a couple pictures of my redone space, Mossy Cottage Too!

neat5Here is a big wooden box stuffed with handmade tags and envelopes. See the red and yellow milk carton holders next to the box. Do you remember having one of these? I couldn’t believe it when I found these. The memories just came flooding back. So fun! And the aqua ice bucket is cool enough to make me want a cocktail and I don’t even drink!


Here are two nice vintage train cases on the bottom shelf and on the floor. Above are a cool red tool carrier and a white wire drinking glass holder. You can see a part of a handmade fabric banner dangling down.

neat4Here’s another red tool carrier with some vintage office binders, ledger paper and two complete 1950’s bingo games.

neat2How about a vintage Girl Scout uniform?

neat1A little boy’s genuine Hawaiian shirt. I love the sea turtles on it!

neatThis cool rusty box has such a great patina. I just thought it needed a little something because, well, you know me. I can’t leave anything alone!

neat6And here’s just a picture of one wall at a distance. I really love Mossy Cottage Too because it let’s me sell neat vintage stuff that just doesn’t go well with my pretties downstairs. So now I am blessed to have the best of both worlds. Lucky me!!!

Treasure Hunting

Well this week really flew by. Why, I don’t know. But here it is Saturday evening and I don’t have any arts or crafts to show you. So, instead I will show you some treasures I hunted today. Mossy Cottage has been getting a little thin on inventory so I started to remedy that today. The weather was excellent for treasure hunting, but I did have to hold a hot cup of chai tea early this morning or my hands would have frozen off. There were many treasures to be had, and all the people I dealt with were treasures themselves. I love talking and joking with people I buy from! Well enough chit chat, let’s get on with the goodies!

treasuresHere we have a white wicker child’s hamper. It has a cute quilted plastic lid. There is a white wicker trash can with an applique pillow case, a pink sewing box, some pink VA beach salt and pepper shakers and a Golden Book about kittens (go figure).

treasures1Look at these awesome shakers from the 1950’s. The picture is too bright  for you to see the wonderful pink plastic under all that glitter! And the one on the right says, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

treasures2And here are some of the graphics I randomly opened to in the Golden Book. So cute!!! (I wish Holly would sleep in her own bed)

treasures5Here are some really nice old children’s books. The illustrations in them are fantastic! I know these are antiques because they were even before my time!!!!

treasures4Next we have a hand painted tray from the 1950’s. There are also three nice old mirror plateaus with metal roses bordering each. Unfortunately I didn’t clean them before I photographed them, but they really did clean up nicely.

treasures3Here is a group of what I consider “mantiques” The shoe form is hollowed out and will make a great business card holder. The green metal tin will get decorated somehow. The black case in the red tool holder is a Milton Bradley game called “Pass the Pig”. It has two little plastic pigs, a score pad and a little pencil in the case. It is from 1974 and there are no instructions. I’ll have to google  how to play the game. The faucet handles are pretty cool too. I’ve seen people make statement jewelry out of them.

treasures6This is actually two white 1950’s dresses with tulle. Obviously the one in the back is hidden.

There are a few other things I got but some are already in the laundry and others just didn’t fit into a grouping. All in all I am very satisfied with today’s treasures, both the things I bought and the people I met. God blessed me mightily today!

I Must Be Stopped!!!!

Guess what I did today. No really, guess. I’ll give you a hint. It’s Friday so I have to go to my shop in Fredericksburg to put some stuff in and straighten it up. We have a potential hurricane about to hit and I need to get “D” batteries for our lanterns. We are out of soy milk  and cat food so I have to go to the grocery store. It’s the end of a very looong month and I don’t have any money left. I have a whole bunch of linens that need ironing and pricing. I have to dust and vacuum the downstairs of the house. Oh, and Adam has a DAC playoff soccer game this afternoon. So, did you guess what I did today? This is what I did…

What have I done?

I went to a great big church yard sale in FredVegas. This is all the great stuff I got. I ended up spending money I had saved for something else. Don’t worry Adam, you can always go to “Bob’s School of Forensic Biology” instead of VCU!

Baby Stuff

Tithing Money Box

This cute vintage piggy bank for tithes says, “For this I am thankful” on  the side and, “My Blue Box” on the top.

Donkey and Goats!

I also got a pretty white-on-white baby gown with a slip and some vintage party noise makers.


Chocolate Tin


This unopened box of Chanel No. 5 powder is staying at home with me!!!! The rosy linen towel has never been used. There is also a sparkly gold evening bag and a tiny silver plated urn. The lacy thing is like a crocheted egg cozy, however, I’m thinking it would make a great pocket on one of my upcoming homemade aprons!

Christmas Goodies

Because our house doesn’t already look like the North Pole exploded, I had to get more Christmas stuff. Check out the compete box of cookie cutters and the 1950’s print cloth. How could I just leave them there? But the cream in this lot is this..


This 1950’s print hanky has all the reindeer’s names on it but it has a picture of Dancer. You can’t really tell from my award winning photograph, however, Dancer has actual googly eyes! You know, the ones that move around when you shake them. This is sooooo darn cute.

Toile pin dishes

Retro Rooster Kitchen Set

Old Bird Cage

Wicker Hamper

I had to display my rosy tea towel with the hamper so it didn’t look so lonely! So now you know what I did today. And by the way, the shop has been tidied, the lanterns have batteries, I got the soy milk and the FCS Eagles won the first game in the DAC playoffs. Go Eagles!!! Not such a bad day after all. So what will I be doing tomorrow? Ironing, pricing, dusting, vacuuming and going to the store to get the cat food I forgot!!!! Well, I never said I was perfect.