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I Won!!!

I am one of those unfortunate people who rarely ever wins anything. But my luck seems to be changing. I recently won a $25.00 Etsy gift card from a site that promotes Etsy sellers. The other prize I just won came from the Boston Home card challenge held by Beth Schrottman from the YouTube channel Bethsscrapbookroom.

If you look back through several posts of mine you will see one called, “Crafting With A Cause – Part 3”. This post explains the challenge and shows the cards made for it. Please note that I did not win based on my cards, it was a raffle type drawing for the prizes. Every person who entered the challenge had a chance at winning. 

Beth is very generous and had several winners but I won FIRST PRIZE! She gave me a choice of two prizes and here is what I chose. It is a kit full of paper and embellishments from Prima’s Princess collection.

Here is what Beth generously sent me:

This paper is so beautiful I’m sure I will hoard use it well. I’m so thankful to Beth not only for the wonderful prizes she gives, but that she sponsors challenges every month to make a difference in other people’s lives.

I hope you consider looking on YouTube and finding a challenge “to craft with a cause”. It could be a real win-win situation!


Crafting With A Cause – Part 3

I’m at it again! I am entering another crafting challenge to benefit a charity. This one is being sponsored by Beth from Bethsscrapbookroom on YouTube. We were challenged to make cards for the residents of Boston Home which is a home for adults with MS and other degenerative muscle diseases. Please visit their site here: . Watch their videos and I guarantee you will be touched and inspired by these wonderful people! 

Instead of making regular greeting cards, I stretched myself to try something new. I made easel cards that stand upright so the residents can display them and easily see them. Here are the six cards I made.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for ladies.

Cards for men.

Cards for men.

I really love participating in these challenges because I learn more about other people’s struggles as well as new crafting techniques. I urge you to stretch yourself and participate on some crafting challenges sponsored by individuals on YouTube. To find one, just type in craft challenges in the search box. 

No excuses people. I have never read any books on card making or taken any classes. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube to get you started!

Crafting With A Cause, Part 2

If you read my last post, “Crafting With A Cause, Part 1”, you know that I am now looking for craft challenges that benefit good causes. Well, I found another one. This one was sponsored by Stephanie Montgomery whose YouTube name is 2muchhurt. Her husband just finished his treatments for cancer. Stephanie wanted to make little “kits” for people still receiving treatments that would make their day a little brighter. As she just turned 39 years old, she decided to name her challenge Forever 39. Her goal was to receive 39 “kits” that she could take to the cancer center where her husband received his treatments. Here is what I made for my “kits”.


I made embellished paper pouches and then filled them with the goodies you see. Then the whole pouch was sealed in a plastic bag for protection.

Stephanie, like Beth in my last post, also collects ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). So I made her this one.


If you would like to see Stephanie’s YouTube video where she opens my box, you can see it here.

She shows my entries from minutes 6:45 to 11:56. Sadly, the post office looks like they played football with my kits, but I emailed Stephanie and she assured me she put them back together neatly.

That is the second challenge I have participated in. I can’t tell you how good it feels to make items for people I don’t even know, both the items for the challenges and the ATCs for the challenge hosts.

So if you love to craft, take some time and search YouTube for a challenge that strikes your fancy. You too can craft for a cause!

Crafting With A Cause, Part 1

For any of you who don’t already know this, I LOVE CRAFTING! So how can you take something you already love to do and make it better?  You can craft for a cause!

I spend way too much a little time each day watching crafting videos on Youtube. I do this so I can learn new techniques, see what other crafters are making and see what new crafting products are out there. Youtube is like Pinterest because I can start with one video and end up ten videos later on  someone else’s channel about an entirely different craft. It was through this wonderful web of videos I stumbled upon craft challenges with a cause.

One Youtube channel that really got my attention is Bethsscrrapbookroom. Beth is so funny and her sense of humor is so much like mine. Anyway, I came upon a video where she was asking crafters to make cards, or other items, for people who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatments as October is breast cancer awareness month. She is going to mail the submissions to patients in five of the top cancer research hospitals in the United States.

Since I am not a card maker, I decided to enter her challenge by submitting some small junk journals so patients could document their journeys. I also sent Beth an ATC (artist trading card) because she collects them. I am not an ATC maker, so this part of the challenge really scared me.

Here are some pictures of the items I sent her.


Three mini junk journals for cancer patients.

Three mini junk journals for cancer patients.


Note to journal recipients.

Note to journal recipients.

ATC for Beth's collection.

ATC for Beth’s collection.

Package of Christmas goodies for Beth to craft with.

Package of Christmas goodies for Beth to craft with.

Everything packaged and ready to go!

Everything packaged and ready to go!

Last Sunday, October 19th, Beth made the videos that showed my entries. I say “videos” because as she was showing my entries her video time ran out so she had to start another one to finish. If you would like to see my 15 minutes of fame you can check out Beth showing my entries at these addresses:

First video

My items start around 17:20 minutes into this video

Second video

My items finish about 6:55 minutes into this video

Like I said before, Beth is very funny and has such a good heart I think you would enjoy watching both videos in their entirety. You will also get to see some wonderful entries by other crafters.

So if crafting is your passion too, see if you can find a craft challenge with a cause and spread your talent and love to others who need it right now!


I’m Actually Going to Make It!

As of this past Thursday evening I had 151 pins on my Pinterest board called “Make”. I know most of you have a board like this.  It’s the one with all the wonderful crafts and DIY projects you are  planning to make in all your spare time (insert laughter here). The key word here is planning because that’s how far any of us get. 

Well this week I decided I am actually going to make ONE item off my “Make” board. So I looked at all the crafty goodness and I oohed and aahed at the possibilities. Then I came to my senses and chose the following criteria for the project.

First, it must not require supplies most people don’t have lying around, like a mile high stack of pallets, 115 vintage hankies or 55 yards of antique french lace.

Second, it must not require tools most people don’t own, like a blow torch, kiln or tower crane.

Third, it should not require skills the average Joe doesn’t possess, like glass blowing, tatting or scrimshaw.

And Lastly, it cannot take three days to make!

Well, those criteria really put a dent in my list. But there is one little project we probably can all make without using too many “sentence enhancers” and here it is.

This cutie little pin came from the flickr link above, according to Pinterest.

Now it’s our turn to make one. First we need to pick some ribbons to use. Simple, right?


Yeah, I know that’s obscene, and the bad part is that this is only SOME of the ribbon I have!

rp1Okay, now we can really get started.

rp2Cut a length of ribbon and fold it in half over the non-moving arm of the pin. It is important that you don’t use the side of the pin you need to open and close to attach it to your clothing. Sew the ribbon right under the pin arm. You can use a sewing machine like I did (with zipper foot), hand sew it or I guess even use glue!


Cut the end of the ribbon to the desired length and angle.

Next we’re going to pick a piece of lace to layer over the ribbon. Simple, right?


This is just ONE box of lace and ribbon scraps I have. I won’t even show you the rolls of lace!!


Now I’ve just snipped some lace and put it in place.

Find a button, flower, fabric yo-yo or some other kind of embellishment to sew or glue on top.

Here are some sample pins I made.




Now I know this is not high fashion jewelry, however, it is easy to make and uses stuff we probably all have on hand. You can customize them any way you want. These little pins would be great to make for fund raisers, as a VBS craft, for a make-it-and-take-it at a party, or to show your support for a cause. 

If you would excuse me now, a whole drawer full of ribbon is calling me to make it into pins!

Fifty for Rosalie

If any of you are my friends on facebook you have seen pictures of an extremely abused dog named Rosalie. Thankfully, the saints at He’Art of Rescue haven’t given up on trying to save her. Rosalie’s story has really made an impact on my heart and I just grieve over the cruelty someone could subject this beautiful creature to. To read her story and see her picture you can go to this link:

You can also get updates on her status on that site.

Our family made a donation to help pay for Rosalie’s care, however, it is only a small drop in a big bucket. I decided to make fifty pins to sell on Rosalie’s behalf.  These pins have thin wood bases and simple roll back pins.



Each pin is unique. The pictures are sanded on the edges, inked for a slightly “aged” feel and sealed. I have chosen many different themes to chose from, so there is something for everyone!!!! They  would look great pinned on your jeans jacket, hat, scarf , knapsack or Spring sweaters! Ordering instructions are at the bottom of this post.

Maps and Music

Maps and Music












Landscapes and Sun










Other Animals

Other Animals





These pictures are not so great, but I assure you the pins are! The colors are much brighter and prettier in real. If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you will get a closer look at the details.

As these pins are all unique, sales will be first come, first serve AS MONEY IS RECEIVED. I’m sorry, but I feel time is of the essence and I don’t want to “reserve” pins and then not get Rosalie’s money. You may pay through Paypal to my account at: If you live close to me, you can contact me through facebook and we can arrange a meeting and you can pay by cash or check. The pins cost $2.00 each. Shipping within the 48 contiguous United States is $3.00 (no matter how many you order) and $6.00 everywhere else (no matter how many you order). If there is an excess left over from shipping costs, I will put that in with Rosalie’s donation. I am donating 100% of the sales of these pins to that precious dog! If you don’t know me personally you may check out my Etsy shop: MossyCottage. I am a reputable seller on Etsy and Ebay (Mossy Cottage).

Please help save Rosalie by chipping in for her mounting hospital costs. One person can’t make much difference, but together we can help change Rosalie’s life!!!