I’m Playing the Minimalism Game!

I have always liked clean and tidy spaces. I don’t like clutter and mess. I am not a die hard minimalist, however, I do like a cleaner and less cluttered look than most people. 

I was watching some decluttering and minimalism videos on YouTube last week and they suggested I might like a video called “How to Play the 30-Day Minimalism Game” (link to video below). So I watched the video and it looked like a fun, although not easy, challenge. Every day for 30 days you get rid of one more additional item than the day before. For instance, on day one you get rid of one item. On day two you get rid of two items, etc. If my math is correct, by the end of the 30 days you will have gotten rid of 485 items!!!

I’m ready to declutter a lot of stuff so here’s the first five days of my challenge. I’m not going to explain every item unless there’s something of interest to say about it. Most days will just include a photograph of the items.

I really love this tunic but it’s too big for me and doesn’t look good.

I have had that belt for years because I love it. Unfortunately I’ve gained weight and it no longer fits.

Some of the items I get rid of will be donated and some will be sold. I hope to post my progress about every five days so it doesn’t get too overwhelming to photograph all the flotsam I’m jettisoning!

So if you want to start the new year with less clutter watch the video below and see if this game is for you.


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