Great Junk Journal Fodder Haul

I have already started making junk journals and such for the upcoming Christmas season. Although I really don’t need a lot of ephemera to make new journals, I did want to beef up my stash a little bit. So I picked up some really cool stuff in the last couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you. So without any further ado, here’s the stuff I hauled.

Cool old books and magazines. The pictures in these books are fantastic!

More vintage books with great graphics.

This book is not that old but…

the inside is chock full of vintage street signs. These will also be great to use in my mixed media projects or as embellishments in my journals!

Two more vintage cookbooks, but check out the insides of these…

great pages for journaling. The top one gets extra points because it’s a binder!

Vintage wrapping papers and tissue papers, because the one huge box I already  have is apparently not enough! Again, these can be used in junk journals or in mixed media.

Vintage kitchen labels, a note pad and vintage sewing supplies. These are great additions to junk journals.

A box crammed full of vintage matchbooks. The matches have already been taken out so these will make great tags and embellishments for my journals. This photo doesn’t show the quantity too well but there are at least 250-300 old matchbooks here!

And lastly, a yummy box of old ephemera. There are all kinds of receipts in this lot. Also included were some cards of vintage rickrack and some old pens, some of which are fountain pens.

So all in all, I feel well stocked for a while and am ready to get on with making the journals. If I remember, I’ll show you some of the finished ones. 

It gives me a great feeling to know I can reuse these old treasures to make journals and mixed media projects people will enjoy. Recycling is always a win-win situation!






  1. Linda Hebbs

    Your haul looks like all the stuff in my craft room ! I thought I was alone collecting all this stuff ! I feel much better about my addiction now, please show your finished product and tell me your secret of finding time to work on them !

  2. glitteronmyface

    I will show some of my junk journals when I get them done. I’m going to start soon but I don’t know how long it will take me. I am a self-employed antiques dealer but I do some craft shows in the Fall. As this is a part of my business, I allot time to making by paper goods. I do have a policy though, that says if I watch YouTube crafting videos, my hands must be busy at the same time!

  3. Linda Hebbs

    When making your Journals, do you leave a lot blank for the person who buys it to fill it up ? or do you fill it like it’s a “Look at Book’ ? I’m sure I would either not put anything in them or fill them with stuff I like and then not sell it ! Just curious. I’ve seen some beautiful work out there.

  4. glitteronmyface

    I try to have a balance of both. Some pages are so pretty they don’t need to be covered up. Others are old ledger pages or graph papers which lend themselves to journaling. I do like to put a small stamp or some stickers or washi on the plainer pages, but really just enough to “break the blank page” for the recipient. I fill the pockets and envelopes with extra goodies so the recipient can add them where they want.

    • Linda Hebbs

      Thank you so much for your responses. You’ve been very helpful ! I am very motivated to get started !

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