My Hand Of Friendship

I decided to enter another crafting challenge. This one is being held by Dee known as BetsyDoodle on YouTube. Her challenge involves two parts. 

The first part is to make a 60th birthday card for her husband Richard whose birthday is in May. She gave us a list of things he’s interested in. Fishing is something he loves to do. Here is the card I made for his birthday.

The cards are a surprise for him. He has no idea Dee has asked us to make them for him!

The second part of the challenge was to make her a hand of friendship for her birthday, which is also in May. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my entry before I sent it to the UK. Fortunately, Dee is making videos of all the entries as she receives them. Here is the link to the video showing my hand of friendship.

It was a lot of fun making this hand of friendship. It’s amazing how different each entry has been. If you’ve never made one, give it a try. I know you will have fun with this project!


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