A Special Visit

On Sundays I really like to take it easy. Staying a  home on Sundays is difficult for me though, as there is always work to be done around the house or for Mossy Cottage. Therefore I am trying to go out on Sundays to avoid the temptation to work. I had a meeting to go to this past Sunday evening so that didn’t leave me a lot of time to nap and go out. So I decided to take a little trip about 6 miles away to visit some new friends. Let me introduce you to Clementine and Jacob.



Yes, they are miniature donkeys! Their owners parents go to church with me and have recently moved to Caroline County from Arkansas. So far they have brought four horses, two donkeys and two miniature donkeys. Clementine and Jacob arrived here this past Saturday. See the red paint on their rears? That is where their little bottoms were rubbing the red paint on the trailer that brought them here.


Despite the long hot trip, they were not showing any signs of stress at being in this new environment. In fact they already seem at home here.

sunday4 sunday3 sunday2


They have such sweet faces with so many spots to scratch and kiss! It was easy for me to make friends with them as I broke the ice with a baggy full of cut up carrots. Oh, and there was someone else I met. Meet Coco…


She wanted her picture taken too, but she passed on the carrots. I had a fun little outing Sunday afternoon and plan to go back with more goodies for all the animals. But by far, the miniature donkeys are my favorites!


Here is page from my art journal that was inspired by Jacob and Clementine.




  1. Camilla Prewitt

    What cute donkeys! I have a horse that I scratch and talk to most mornings on my run/walk. He comes to the fence most mornings when he sees me coming. I would like to bring him an apple but don’t think I should feed him without the owners approval. I love your doodling on your journal entry!

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