The Humble File Folder

I assume most offices don’t rely on paper filing systems anymore with technology what it is. I really don’t know since I am self-employed. I do remember when I did work in offices that we dealt with the metal file cabinets and the humble file folder like this.



Nowadays I’m sure file folders are all virtual which leaves these poor paper guys out of a job. They abound at  yard sales and thrift shops sadly waiting for someone to purchase them. Well, I will be buying a lot of them now as I came across yet another “day late and a dollar short” craft. Um, yes, I’ve been on Pinterest again!

folder1First you unfold your folder, like this.



Then you fold it up this way and that until you get something that resembles this. (If you’re really interested in how to do this, you can check out Pinterest or Youtube.

folder3 You should end up with something that looks like this. It should have a page in the middle and 4 pockets.


Ta da! I covered it with patterned card stocks and papers, added an embellishment on the front and tied some soft pink elastic around it to keep it closed.


Now I have something to put in my purse that will corral my to-do lists and receipts.

folder6I even have some blank pockets I haven’t used yet. I guess I’d better go shopping now so I can collect some more receipts!

So the next time you see those poor humble file folders sitting in a pile looking forlorn, remember that you now have the power to give them new life!


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