Swap Album for Me

Several people who have seen the mini-album I made for the swap with my friend Camilla said they would like to see the one she gave me too. I love the album so much that this is an easy post to do! If you read my last post about the album I made for her you will remember there were very few rules we went by. First the album had to be a Christmas themed album. It had to be a mini-album versus a regular sized album and it could only have 6 pages. Pretty simple right? Well, Camilla and I have very similar tastes when it comes to artsy things and we are constantly re-pinning each others pins on Pinterest so it is amazing how different our albums were. But at the same time, there were similarities too! So without any further to-do, here are pictures from the album I received.

There is no way I can do this wonderful album justice with just my photos and words. I could not take pictures of all the pages or all the details as it would have taken forever! Every page is so special and there is no rhyme nor reason to the pages I picked to show you as I just picked them randomly. Camilla really out did herself with this album and I will cherish it forever. I made sure to take lots of pictures this Christmas season so I can fill it up. As I mentioned in my last post, Camilla and I are doing a junk journal swap next. This album has really set the bar high for me but I already have some great junk saved up!


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