Let’s Play Tag

Okay, I’m at it again. Playing tag that is. I know I’ve already blogged about making tags, but this one is different. These tags are loaded with layers and embellishments. I made these tags after wasting spending hours on Pinterest. My name is Helen and I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. Anyway, you can check out my Pinterest board titled “Tags” or just do a general search at the top of the Pinterest page for tags and you will see some really beautiful and inspiring examples. So this is how I got started.

Heavy Cardboard

Heavy Cardboard


First I cut some heavy cardboard into a tag shape. You can make them rectangular if you don’t have a tag template. The color of the cardboard won’t matter as they will get covered on both sides.



I covered mine with sheet music on both sides and inked up the edges with distress ink. You could use brown or black paint if that’s all you have.



I put some corrugated cardboard, dry brushed cream, and two rows of lace down next. Holes were punched for hanging with eyelets added for strength.



I tinted some pieces of cheese cloth with Smooch brand glimmer spray, just to add some color to the next layer. You could use white cheese cloth or any color tulle just as easily.


Next I added an image and a feather just for fun.



This last layer is the most fun. I added text, flowers, a metal butterfly and lots of glitter. I definitely let my “girly” self show in these tags.

You can theme your tags to your own tastes whether that be chickens, bees, vintage pictures or cars. Just break out the cardboard and anything you can use as embellishments.Because unlike the game of Tag, these tags have no rules to be right!




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