A Not So Mini Mini-Album

Once again I’m about 2 to 3 years behind the trends in paper crafting, but I say, “Better late than never!” I have a really fun project to show you. It is a TP roll mini-album. Yes, that is TP as in toilet paper. Now before you all go, “ewwwww”, I am just using the cardboard paper tube from inside the roll. Nothing more, I promise. This mini-album was inspired by two things. The first is the “Fruit of the Spirit” found in the Bible in the book of Galatians. The second is friendship. As the title states, however, I added a lot of embellishments to this mini-album so it’s really not so mini anymore. No further ado, I’ll just show you the pictures.


Here she is in all her glory. I added lots of ribbons and lace to the binding rings to hide them a little. There is a multi-layered mulberry paper flower and a 3-D sticker that says, “Cherish”.


Here is a blurry picture of some charms I hung from the rings. There is an antique bakelite button, a filigree heart and a colored mother of pearl flower.


Here is the love page. It has pretty gold and teal ribbon and a teal flower.


Joy has a three-dimensional vine and hummingbird stickers for decoration. Both are outlined in glitter. Yeah, glitter!!!


The peace page is adorned with lace, some vintage millinery flowers and a little blue satin ribbon.


Patience has a metal (?) I found in my stash and ran some lace through it.

fos6Kindness is one of my favorite pages. I love the graphic. I just added wavy white and blue trim because it is water-like and some tiny colored shells.


Goodness has two beautiful ladies enjoying a book. There are two layered flowers adorning this page.


Faithfulness shows two ladies picking flowers. The page is decorated with flowers and silk leaves.


Gentleness shows two ladies out in their finery. Gold sequined ribbon and little shiny black buttons go well with their fashions.


Self-control is embellished with floral 3-D stickers that also have glitter! Yeah, glitter!!! Oh wait. I seem to be losing control.


The inside of the back cover has 3-D stickers. One says “Thinking of you” and then there are two dragon flies. One also has glitter. Yeah, glitter!!! Easy, Helen.


The back of each page has a journaling spot for putting descriptions of the pictures on the tag, favorite quotes or just something that needs to be remembered.


Here is one of the tags that goes in the end of the tube. Pictures can be mounted directly onto  both sides of the tag as it is made with heavy cardboard.

So there it is, my first ever toilet paper roll mini-album that turned out not so mini. I love the way it came out and can’t wait to make some more. If you are so inclined to try make one yourself, there are oodles of videos and samples on Pinterest. Just do what I did to collect enough rolls. I told my husband and son there would be a fine every time I found an “empty” in the trash can. Miraculously, I now find them all in my office!


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