Tiny Mixed Media and Great Big Fun

Today I had the luxury of going to my friend Camilla’s house to “play art”. She has a real studio (not a converted parlor). And you should see her toys! She’s got paints, stamps, stencils, papers and tools galore. We each “did our own thing” and kept each other company. We did actually take a break and have a delicious salad and scones for lunch, but then it was back to “play”. She worked on some pages of her art journal and they turned out fabulously. I worked on two of the tiny 3″ x 3″ canvases that I bought on my birthday. After many layers of gesso, paints, stamps, pens and graphics here are my finished pieces.

"Art" and "Joy"

“Art” and “Joy”


Unfortunately the flash makes them look a little washed out, but I am really happy with this tiny art!


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