Journal Page 1

Okay, if  when you read my post from yesterday, you will see I have jumped into the deep end of art journaling. I won’t go into all the details again, you can read them from yesterday’s post. I did say, however, that I would try to post a journal page each day this week, so here is today’s page.

pageI chose the 1/2 page pocket for my starting page. I thought because it is small, it would be easy. HA!

page3I used Gesso for the first time. It was fun and I did glob it on in some places. In the future I will use more but because of drying time, I mostly kept it kind of thin this time. I also played around with the colors cream, pink and red, which is really not daring at all.

page1Then I went through one of my ephemera stashes to find some words and images. I use these same two little girls way to much in my art. (But they are so cute!)



Here is the end result. It is a tribute to all of the BFFs I’ve had through the years. I am so blessed because I have had many. I’m doubly blessed because, thanks to social media I am reconnected with All of you!!!!

page5The little tags come out.

page6This is a close-up of the pocket.

page7And here is a close-up of the tags.  My BFFs names are written with white gel pen (never used one before and I love it). So how do I think I did on my first attempt at art journaling? Well, good and bad. Here’s a quick list and then I’m off to make day two’s page.

Good-Got to use gesso for the first time which allowed extra surface textures. I also go to use a white gel pen for the first time, which I really love. I got to pay tribute to all the lovely ladies who have helped make me who I am.

Bad-This is not art journaling. It is simply making a collage on a journal page. It was way too thought out. It proves I am a control freak with OCD.

Good-Now I am one step closer to understanding art journaling for when I try again this evening.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I can “let loose and be free”!!!!!!










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