Behind the Scenes

People love to attend flea markets, antiques shows, craft shows, art shows, etc.. But what many people miss as attendees of these shows only, is the glamour of what goes on behind the scenes. I am posting this quickie little blog to show you the glamorous day I had today setting up for this weekends Fredericksburg Big Flea. Before anything can be set up, it must be schlepped into the hall.



Here is Martin working so hard bringing me my goodies. Thank you sweetie!



Oooh, that looks like a lot of stuff!



First the “bones” need to be put in place.

bf3And there’s Donna from Snow Creek Farm. Looking good girl!

bf4The linens are hung and put in order.

bf6Things are starting to come together.

bf12Some cutsie stuff.

bf8Some girly stuff.

bf9An awesome hat!

bf11Pretty glasses on a shiny tray.

bf10And some retro fun!!! I’m sorry these pictures are so awful but my dad just gave me his old camera, which is still way better than mine, and I am not used to it yet.

As you can see though, it is pretty “rough” behind the scenes. Oh and did I mention cold? You cannot see from these pictures, however, all the huge loading doors on both sides of the hall were wide open, so we basically worked for 4 hours today in the freezing cold.

All that I had to do today was worth it so I can present a wonderful booth to my family, friends and friends to be. I hope to see you here this weekend!!!



  1. Camilla Prewitt

    Can’t wait to see you and your booth today. I’ve got a little something for you that I found at Goodwill the other day. See you later!

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