Tiny Christmas Wreath

Today I am going to show you a super easy little craft. It is for a tiny little Christmas wreath. You will need the following supplies:

Wire to make the wreath form (remember this is going to be a tiny wreath so don’t use rebar)

Florist wire or very thin green wire

Fresh rosemary or some kind of greenery

Adornments of your choice such as bows, buttons, lace, nuts, hemlock pine cones, whatever you have on hand that is small enough

wreath3I thought I had taken pictures of how to make the wreath form but I think my nails look so horrible I subconsciously decided not to. I’ll just describe the very labor intensive process. Cut a length of your hardier wire a little larger than you want your wreath to be. Wrap it around a jar or other cylindrical (10 cent word) object. Make a loop in one end and then twist the other end around the loop and then back on itself to secure the wreath form closed. You can see what I’m talking about in the picture above.

wreath4Next just take cut pieces of rosemary or greens and wire them around the form using the florist wire. Work  in one direction  and be sure to cover the wire on the previous piece with the end of the next piece. When you’ve covered the whole form, embellish your little wreath with whatever is on your desk so you don’t have to get up  you’d like!

wreath5Here is my little rosemary wreath attached to a bag of my homemade toffee ready to give a neighbor as a little hostess gift ( I don’t think I would be invited to any parties if I didn’t bring this toffee) Now my neighbors have two gifts in one. Toffee to make them fat and rot their teeth  (I’m such a good friend) and a little rosemary wreath that smells wonderful as is, or can be trimmed and used for cooking. These little wreaths would also look great tied to presents, especially if they were simply wrapped in kraft paper. Or have your vintage dolls and teddies hold a tiny wreath as a decoration. Go ahead and have some fun making tiny wreaths. What you make your wreath out of, and how you use the finished product will be as individual as each of you dear readers are!!!! Oh, and don’t forget, my next post is my 25th post and that means another GIVE-AWAY. Keep watching for that post and see what you could win!





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