Have you ever been somewhere and you see something awesome that just makes you stop in your tracks and think (or yell out loud) NO WAY!!! Well, I had one of these moments this past weekend. First I need to give you a little background. Hopefully most of you know who this is….

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Now, if you have read my blog a couple of times you should also know who this is….

A naughty kitty named Holly Golightly

You see, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies. Of course it features Audrey Hepburn, but did you know that in the movie she has a cat named CAT? Anyway, imagine my reaction when I found this at a flea market this past Saturday….

A Cat dressed up like Holly Golightly!

NO WAY! This is a packaged of “10 refreshing, fragranced hand and face mini wet wipes in a resealable pack”. It has a picture of a cat dressed up as Holly Golightly. There was absolutely no chance of me leaving these behind. I bought the only two packages with this picture that the lady had. I am thinking that MAYBE, MAYBE I’ll give the second pack away in my 25th blog giveaway along with a bunch of other goodies to ONE lucky winner this time. Oooooh, I wasn’t going to mention this but I just have to because ( I’m an A type) something’s not quite right with these wipes. The manufacturer says these wipes are “My Pear Lady” fragranced wipes. They got Breakfast at Tiffany’s mixed up with another Audrey Hepburn film called, “My Fair Lady”. Okay, I know, I’m too picky and most of you don’t care anyway!!! I hope you all get some fun “NO WAY” moments this week, especially now that the Christmas rush is upon us. Keep reading my blog and watch out for my 25th blog giveaway!!!


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