Something Different…

Well I don’t know about you, but I have had a busy and stressful week. Being in the retail business this time of year makes for many hard hours. I’m not complaining though. I am so blessed to have a job I love and be the captain of my own ship. To all of my friends, family and fellow retailers, who may need a pick me up at the end of this week, I give you something totally different…  POETRY! Yes, I know, I don’t like poetry myself. Half the time I just don’t “get it”. This time it’s different. It’s Haiku. These little poems only have three lines with a 5,7,5 syllable pattern. Please take a few minutes (okay it will probably only take 1 minute) to read the following Haiku and at the end I’ll tell you something awesome!!!


Soft, rustling noises

inspiration in a sound

pleasure to the eye.


Small, boring brown bag

empty and pointless being

a life without God.


Never ending flow

constantly steaming knowledge

no breaks in my head.

I think these Haiku are amazing. And I “get” them. So here’s the awesome part…they were written by my 15 year old, soccer maniac, computer gaming, size 12 shoe wearing son Adam!!!!! I hope you enjoyed them and that reading these poems will give you another picture of today’s youth!!! Have a restful and blessed weekend.



  1. Erin

    Consider me blown away. I didn’t know Adam wrote! These are great! He should join Josh and me in our poetry attempts sometime. xD

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