I Must Be Stopped!!!!

Guess what I did today. No really, guess. I’ll give you a hint. It’s Friday so I have to go to my shop in Fredericksburg to put some stuff in and straighten it up. We have a potential hurricane about to hit and I need to get “D” batteries for our lanterns. We are out of soy milk  and cat food so I have to go to the grocery store. It’s the end of a very looong month and I don’t have any money left. I have a whole bunch of linens that need ironing and pricing. I have to dust and vacuum the downstairs of the house. Oh, and Adam has a DAC playoff soccer game this afternoon. So, did you guess what I did today? This is what I did…

What have I done?

I went to a great big church yard sale in FredVegas. This is all the great stuff I got. I ended up spending money I had saved for something else. Don’t worry Adam, you can always go to “Bob’s School of Forensic Biology” instead of VCU!

Baby Stuff

Tithing Money Box

This cute vintage piggy bank for tithes says, “For this I am thankful” on  the side and, “My Blue Box” on the top.

Donkey and Goats!

I also got a pretty white-on-white baby gown with a slip and some vintage party noise makers.


Chocolate Tin


This unopened box of Chanel No. 5 powder is staying at home with me!!!! The rosy linen towel has never been used. There is also a sparkly gold evening bag and a tiny silver plated urn. The lacy thing is like a crocheted egg cozy, however, I’m thinking it would make a great pocket on one of my upcoming homemade aprons!

Christmas Goodies

Because our house doesn’t already look like the North Pole exploded, I had to get more Christmas stuff. Check out the compete box of cookie cutters and the 1950’s print cloth. How could I just leave them there? But the cream in this lot is this..


This 1950’s print hanky has all the reindeer’s names on it but it has a picture of Dancer. You can’t really tell from my award winning photograph, however, Dancer has actual googly eyes! You know, the ones that move around when you shake them. This is sooooo darn cute.

Toile pin dishes

Retro Rooster Kitchen Set

Old Bird Cage

Wicker Hamper

I had to display my rosy tea towel with the hamper so it didn’t look so lonely! So now you know what I did today. And by the way, the shop has been tidied, the lanterns have batteries, I got the soy milk and the FCS Eagles won the first game in the DAC playoffs. Go Eagles!!! Not such a bad day after all. So what will I be doing tomorrow? Ironing, pricing, dusting, vacuuming and going to the store to get the cat food I forgot!!!! Well, I never said I was perfect.


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