The Essence of Fall

Our House Dressed for Fall

Nobody in Central Virginia can say we haven’t had a beautiful fall. We have had wonderful warm days and cool nights. Last Saturday was no exception. Here in Bowling Green we had our annual Harvest Festival. This is a big deal for our small town as it attracts people from all over Central Virginia. Above is a picture of our house all decked out for Fall. Unfortunately my photographer is a novice and took the picture way too far away for you to see the pumpkin and color coordinated pillows, etc. She better watch it or I’ll fire her!!!

Cool Cars!

This is what we saw when we left our house! The Mid-Atlantic car show takes place at our festival and the street is lined with really cool cars. All of Main Street is closed to traffic so you can walk around and get up close to these beauties. You should see the HUGE trophies they give the winners of the show. Alas, once again my photographer has let me down.

Lots of People

Okay, this picture was taken really early in the day and it does not do the crowds justice. The paper said over 12,000 people attended our Harvest Festival this year. That is awesome!!!

Nom nom nom!

What Harvest Festival would be complete without pumpkins? This funny fellow belongs to my neighbors. 

Old Timey!

Oh, and tractors. You must have antique tractors at a harvest event. This is an all time favorite with the little kids. They love to sit on them and pretend.

They are biker dudes who have found Christ. Amen, brothers. You rock on! These guys were really nice, and funny!

I want one!

Ponies! And miniature horses. Need I say more? No, I didn’t think so.


Look at all that wonderful and colorful produce.  I loved all the differently colored pumpkins.

Cheryl from English Acres

This is Cheryl English from English Acres Nursery. She is an all around talent. She knows all about plants, obviously, but she is also and excellent painter and crafter. She gives a lot of her time promoting events in Bowling Green, such as Ladies Night Out. You can find out more about LNO on my events page at the top of my blog page. 

This is a funny little arrangement that Cheryl made. I love the eyeball!


I love your sweaters ladies! Oh, and nice earrings too.

Susan and I

I stopped by to see Susan from Stone Creek Antiques.  This was a display she had outside her storefront. Susan and I are going to be doing the Vintage Holiday Market together. Look for more information under my events heading at the top of this page. Oh, and I just fired my photographer for making me look that old!!!!

All and all, it was a wonderful day with lots of stuff to see and do. I really enjoyed myself. Next year you are invited to come with me!



  1. shutthebarndoor

    Looks like a beautiful day 🙂 We were there last year and it was sooooo windy…glad that it was better for y’all! It is definitely gorgeous around Bowling Green right now…I love all the sugar maples!

  2. Peggy

    Helen as always great post, great pictures and grat thoughts. So glad 2 c they had a beautiful day. Can I b your cameraperson ? Can’t make any promises but will try. lol

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