Letting Go


People always ask me how I can sell my artwork or the cute things I buy for the shop. And sometimes, it’s really hard. This is when I make myself get into “letting go” mode.

If I kept all the things I make, I would miss seeing the joy others get from my work. If I kept all the things I make, I would miss out on my own “WOW” experience I get when people like my work enough to pay for it. If I kept all the things I make, I would be up to my gray hair eyeballs in arts and crafts!!!! And the same holds true for the antiques I buy for my shop. I am careful to only buy things I would have in my own home (I.e. cute, pink or rosy). I don’t believe in following each new trend, buying and selling stuff I don’t particularly like (anything not cute, pink or rosy), just to make a dollar. If I buy something I really, really, really like I might hang on to it for a while, but something else from my house has to go. I have the advantage of surrounding myself with things I really enjoy, and if my tastes change or I get bored with something, I can set it free for someone else to enjoy. And I thank all of you other kindred spirits who donate your items to thrift stores, have yardsales or set up at fleamarkets. You make my job so much fun!!!!

P.S. I am going on a “junking” trip to Pennsylvania until late Thursday. I probably won’t get to post again until Friday the 10th.



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